What’s the Best LED Light Bar?
Our Reviews for the Different Types

For any truck or off-road enthusiast, an LED bar is a simple yet essential addition to your kit. The ability to illuminate the road with the flick of a switch is invaluable when tackling tough terrain, or cruising at night and in rough weather.

Using LEDs kits on 4x4 and other off-road vehicles is fast becoming standard - and if you haven’t kept up with the trend - it’s possible you don’t even know what you’re missing. Far more advanced than traditional lighting options, many drivers are upgrading to LED’s and raving about them to their friends.

However, there is an overwhelming array of choices on the market, which makes the task of choosing the perfect tool for you a challenge. While on the surface, there may appear to be little difference between the various models, each is specifically designed to perform best in different environments. And if you’re like most automotive driving enthusiasts, you won’t settle for less than the best.

Such is demand, one of the most searched phrases on Google is "​light bars for sale." This reveals how popular these products are becoming.

Since these units are not cheap and very rarely do you see them on wholesale discount, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each model so you can make an informed choice. Our experts have put together a ‘down and dirty’ guide with some of the best reviews to the best LED lightbars of 2019 - here’s what we found when we put them under the microscope.

But first - let’s get the facts straight.

LED Light Bar

What is an LED Light Bar?

Before diving into the fine details of each model, we need to define what exactly an LED lightbar is. Luckily, the name is rather self-explanatory. These units are described as a bank of ‘Light Emitting Diodes’ which can be mounted on a vehicle to increase visibility during night time driving. The ‘bar’ of lights is wired into the cars electrical system - just like any other aftermarket lighting solution.

This technology is the next step in lighting and offers brighter glow than traditional bulbs, while also lasting significantly longer before needing replacement. This advanced technology also makes these tools ideal for work sites, boating, and other activities which need serious illumination.

While you could mount a unit on just about any vehicle, they are mostly used by those driving utility vehicles and off-road vehicles at night time, where increased visibility is a key concern.

But why would you want to use these specially-designed beams in the first place?

Take a look to see why drivers and contractors are making the switch. You'll be amazed at some of the benefits you'll get.


These units are becoming hugely popular due to the benefits they offer over traditional lighting options. Before you spend your hard-earned cash on a new beam, you first need to understand what you’re getting with your new tool investment.

Here’s why a lot of drivers are opting for LED over traditional aftermarket lighting options:

The Variety of Sizes

One of the greatest benefits is the wide range of sizes available. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, or where you want to mount your new beams, there is sure to be a size of unit perfect to suit your needs. The smaller you go, the more budget-friendly they are.

Long Lasting Durability

We have all been there when a lightbulb blows out - usually at the worst possible time.

Of course, this happens from time to time, but with LEDs, it’s a far less common occurrence. Most of these bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours of usage, which is up to 25 times greater than a halogen bulb.

Simply put - these babies are tough and are built to last.

Energy Efficient

When adding lights to a vehicle, you need to be very aware of the power draw, as there is always a limited amount of power to draw from. The great news is that these top-rated units are 3-4 times more efficient than traditional options, without compromising on brightness. So shine away! These bright beams will illuminate your path without draining your juice.

The next question is - when should you choose LEDs over other lighting options? Read on to find out more.

What is it used for?

Off-road truck
If you don’t already have an aftermarket set of auxiliary lights on your truck, you may not quite understand why you even need to install a unit - and be skeptical whether or not these beams will live up to the hype.

Here are some of the most common uses for these aftermarket beams.


When off-road driving, especially at night, proper illumination is crucial. Without the benefit of streetlights and ambient glow that you get in built-up and populated areas, you need to bring your own. Without correct illumination in your tailgate area or at the front, you are far more likely to hit an obstacle that can stop you in your tracks. Making sure you have sufficient lighting will keep you rolling, and make sure nothing gets in your way to stop any off-road fun in its tracks.

Bad Weather

If you hit nasty weather, visibility using just your headlights becomes extremely limited. The addition of a unit to your vehicle will help you cut through the fog (and rain, and sleet, and snow) - and get you home safely.

Rural Driving

Driving in the countryside is a very different prospect to driving in the city. There is very little ambient glow and often no streetlights. Using an LED unit will give you the extra visibility to see road conditions in advance and make any wildlife that may wander onto the road easily visible. If you’ve ever been on the wrong side of a deer while driving - you know how valuable it is to have the extra shine on your side.

It’s obvious that the best drivers opt for LEDs when the need extra illumination - but with all the makes and models to choose from - how do you know which option is the best for you and your kit? After wading through hundreds of options, we’ve put together a list of the highest performing LED bars for trucks, off-roading, ATVs, and emergency lighting reviewing the cheapest to the most expensive bars.

5 Best LED Light Bars for Trucks

If you are looking for the best option for your truck, then you already know there are WAY too many options to choose from. While units for trucks might not need to be quite as rugged as those designed for off-road vehicles, it is still important to choose a top-rated quality product that will last the distance, and provide years of excellent service.

The models detailed below have proven to be the very best options on sale for mounting on trucks. Take a look below to see which product best suits your specific needs.

1. Autofeel 52-Inch Curved

Autofeel is one of the best LED brands on the market and is known for making high-quality custom and off-the-shelf units, and the 52-inch curved LED bar lights are no exception. With a quick check, you’ll recognize the quality of this unit as soon as you pick it up and feel the strength and heft of the aluminum casing. This bar can easily fit onto your car or truck.

Even better, all of the other fitting and brackets are aluminum, making the entire lighting unit amazingly corrosion resistant. The quality in construction doesn’t stop there. This triple row unit is awarded an IP 67 waterproof rating, which makes this lightbar perfect for use in all weather and conditions and eliminates the risk of condensation on the lens.

The amazing curved construction, as well as the high-quality lens and reflector, means that the beam from the Autofeel 52-inch curved bar is thrown wider and further than other options on the market. Furthermore, the LED chips emit 6000K white beam, which avoids the bluish tinge that some units give.

The LED’s in this unit are arranged in three rows and have been carefully configured to avoid any dark spots. This is probably the best value for money right now on sale.


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2. Nilight 54-Inch 312W Curved

While the Nilight 54-inch curved LED lightbar kit can be used for a range of outdoor applications such as worksites or boating; the curved design makes it perfect for mounting on a truck. The 54-inch aluminum casing houses a total of 104 bulbs, which can throw a strong beam down the road or trail.

Using high-quality chips that generate up to 6500K white beam, you will have both a flood and spot reflector, adding width and length to the beam thrown by this unit. Of course, all of these units generate a lot of heat, so a well-refined heat sink is built into pull heat out of the unit and extend the overall lifespan of the bulbs, which are rated at 30,000 hours.

Just like many other options in this category, the Nilight 54-inch curved LED lightbar benefits from a very sturdy construction. The amazing aluminum casing and stainless steel brackets are effective in limiting corrosion. When combined with the toughened glass lens, this gives the unit an IP67 waterproof rating and also makes the unit dustproof.


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3. WoneNice 52-Inch 300W

The WoneNice 52-inch LED bar lights are a great, cost-effective option if you need a new unit for your truck at an affordable price. Money is not easy to come by so don't waste it on sub-standard products. The rugged 52 inch casing holds ten bulbs, that can throw either a floodlight spread or narrower beam across your path depending on the setting used. Wone​Nice have a reputation for creating some of the best headlight bars on the market.

Like other brands or manufacturers in this category, this unit is housed in an aluminum case, and all of the supplied fittings are also aluminum, ensuring your new unit will not suffer from rust and corrosion. The lens is toughened glass rather than the plastic you may find on cheaper models, which also makes the WoneNice 52-inch LED spot bar both waterproof and dustproof.

Don’t let the 300w power draw of this unit fool you; it really does throw a powerful beam that will brighten up even the darkest roads with a dazzling 30,000 lumens. As well as being strong, the WoneNice 52-inch LED lightbar kit uses pure white beam ensuring you avoid the blue hue of some similar lamps.

All of the above features combine to make a great lighting unit for your truck that will surely stand up to the test. Cheap LED light bars for sale that are high-quality are hard to come by, so when you see one like this, you really should consider buying it. 


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4. Nilight 42-Inch 240W 

If you don’t need the all-out power of the larger models, or would just prefer a more compact and discrete aftermarket lighting solution, then the Nilight 42-inch bar could be the right fit for you.

Even though this model is smaller, you still get all of the quality and value Nilight packs into their larger models. A durable aluminum housing that has been powder coated is used, which helps this unit achieve its dust and waterproof rating, and also acts as a heat sink for the bulbs. With this smart design decision, the unit is amazingly durable, and the bulbs can be expected to last more than 30,000 hours.

The bulbs are in an array of 80, and by using a good quality lens and reflectors, you have the choice of using this unit as a flood or spotlight. The slight curve of the Nilight 42-inch LED bar makes it very versatile, and it can easily be installed to a wide range of vehicles. For the size and quality, this LED bar is hard to beat. Could this be the best LED light bar?


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5. Easynew 52-Inch IP68 Curved

If you are looking for the biggest and baddest of the LED world out there, then the Easynew 52-inch IP68 curved light bar LED might be just what you are looking for. This 52-inch unit houses 100 high strength bulbs that give off an impressive 30,000 lumens of a pure white beam.

Each of the bulbs has been calibrated so that you get a full broad field view, without dark spots or inconsistencies. Due to the careful attention to the way heat is dissipated, you can expect the bulbs in the Easynew 52-inch IP68 curved LED bar light to last at least a good 50,000 hours.

While the power of this single unit is impressive, the real draw card is the strength of the materials used. The diecast aluminum housing and high power lens material combine to give this unit an IP 68 waterproof rating and also keeps unwanted dust out of the unit. All of the brackets you will need are included and are also made of corrosive resistant aluminum. It’s no wonder this was rated in our top 5 for trucks.


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5 Best LED Light Bars for Off-Road

When you head off-road, you need to be prepared for anything nature throws at you. Without any streetlights, you have to be able to rely on the illumination sources you bring with you to see ahead and anticipate obstacles. These unique requirements make choosing the right bar complicated, as you need to be sure you are getting a powerful and reliable unit. There is a number of top brands out there, but we have narrowed it down for you.

Below, some of the best LED bars for use on off-road vehicles are detailed to help you make the right decision for your bumpy ride.

1. Auxbeam 52-Inch 300W Curved

For off-road use, it’s hard to look past the top-quality units made by Auxbeam - and one of their largest models is the Auxbeam 52-inch 300W curved LED bar. This large, curved unit is perfect for any road vehicle due to the wide beam it throws onto the trail.

Made specifically for rough terrain - you can be guaranteed to get a good perfectly white beam every time due to the top-quality Philips LED chips that are used to control the 100 LED’s arrayed in two rows.

Of course, power is just one aspect of choosing a unit for off-road use – you also need reliability. Luckily, the Auxbeam 52 inch 300W curved LED bar delivers in spades, with a strong rugged design.

The aluminum housing makes this unit both waterproof and dustproof and it can be operated at temperatures down to -40 Celsius, so no matter what you throw at this unit it will just keep on going. For anyone who is looking for a large and powerful tool, the Auxbeam 52-inch 300W curved LED light bar should be a leading candidate. It is one of our favourite cheapest products on sale right now.


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2. Rough Country 30-Inch Dual Set

Ever heard the saying, “two heads are better than one?” - Well if one LED bar is great, then the only thing better is two of these puppies! You can achieve the effect of dual mounted LED bars with the Rough Country 30-inch dual set.

The smaller form factor of these lights allows them to be more easily fitted to the front grill or grill guard of your off-road vehicle. Mounting these units closer to the body of the car or in a grill guard can be a significant benefit, as it reduces bumps and knocks from branches or other obstacles. These all aluminum unit come with all of the rust resistant mounts and hardware necessary to get it securely fastened onto your vehicle. If you're looking for the brightest LED bar, then this might be the one for you.

Even though the mounting and form factor of these units minimizes bumps and knocks, they are still constructed in a rugged way. The Rough Country 30-inch dual set bars are made with an all aluminum casing that is both dust, corrosion and water resistant. All of this is backed by a three-year factory warranty so that you can drive off-road with confidence. Many people search online for cheap light bars LED, but you really want good quality over price. With this product, you get that.


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3. Eyourlife 31-Inch 198W

If you’re not looking for the massive size and power of larger models, but still want top-quality, then the Eyourlife 31-inch 198W LED bar might be the perfect fit. Just like other smaller units, this 31-inch model can easily be fitted onto your front grills or grill guard of your off-road vehicle - so that it is protected by bumps on the trail.

Despite its small form factor, this unit packs a real punch. With 60x3watt LED lights set in the perfect mix of spot and flood beams, you will get a long and wide beam.

However, the most important feature of any bar used on an off-road vehicle is durability. The Eyourlife 31-inch 198W LED light bar delivers on this with a strong aluminum casing and hardened glass lens that allows the full spectrum of the beam to pass through without obstruction.

Even better - The unit is waterproof and dustproof, meaning you don’t have to worry about it as you make your way into the wilderness. All of this together makes the Eyourlife 31-inch 198W LED unit the perfect choice for off-road usage.


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4. Autofeel 42-Inch 648W

Another smaller option for those looking for something compact - or as a supplement to a larger unit - the Autofeel 42-inch 648W slim LED light bar is super bright, and it packs a punch. This unit is ideally suited to a wide range of off-road vehicles and includes enough corrosion resistant mounts to make fitting it to your vehicle a straightforward process. Autofeel might not be the cheapest on the market but they do provide high-quality affordable products.

The size of this unit makes it perfect for mounting on the front grill or grill guard. From this position, the Autofeel 42-inch 648W automotive LED light bar can deliver a very powerful beam for the size of the unit. The 90 bulbs are in a mixed configuration to give you the very best width and length of the beam possible, without allowing any dark spots. If you're looking for a cheap LED light bar, this product is worth a look.

Even if your new single unit does get the occasional knock while off-road, you have no need to worry. The strong aluminum construction, along with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, makes this unit extremely rugged. Coupled with the water and dustproof rating that the Autofeel 42-inch 648W slim LED light bar has, it can stand up to just about anything that you can throw at it. 


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5. POWLAB 4D 52-Inch Cree

Now, for the big daddy of off-road beams. For a larger unit that can easily be mounted on top of your off-road vehicle, then the POWLAB 4D 52-inch Cree LED light bar is the absolute best option you can find.

This baby just can’t be beaten! The curved bar gives a very wide beam, while the 100 bulbs give an impressive 30,000 lumens that reach a considerable distance. All of this will give you an unmatched view of the trail and keep you aware of any obstacles or wildlife up ahead.

The build quality of the super automotive POWLAB 4D 52-inch Cree slim LED light bar is the main attraction of this product - and we really haven’t found its match in off-road units. The aluminum casing has been designed to act as a heat sink due to the significant amount of heat that can be given off by the bulbs.

By pulling this heat away from the main components, it increases the life of the bulbs up to 50,000 hours. In addition to this, the casing and the hardened lens ensure that this unit is both dust and water resistant. What more could you want?


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5 Best LED Light Bars for ATV

When using your ATV at night, on rough terrain, or in poor visibility environments - it is crucial that you get a good view of your surroundings, so you don’t smash into anything. The last thing you want is an unplanned crash - Getting hit by an unseen obstruction or surprised by large animals can do serious damage if you hit them at speed.

When choosing a unit for your ATV, you need to be sure that it is up to the challenge of illuminating your outdoor adventures consistently and reliably. These units below have proven to be the best options for use with ATV’s.

1. Autofeel 32-Inch

Autofeel makes high-quality bars, and their 32-inch LED light bar is the ideal size for use with an ATV - and this unit does not disappoint. This unit is so sturdy, big and strong that it is just as tough, if not tougher, than your ATV!

The entire unit is waterproof to the military IP 68 standard. This is mostly down to the aluminum construction and toughened glass lens. The metal used in the construction of the casing has also been used as a heat sink so that the heat generated by the bulbs does not impact the lifespan of the unit, which should last up to 50,000 hours of usage.

As well as its ruggedness, the super Autofeel 32-inch LED light bar offers a lot of light in a small package. The combination of a 5D lens with Cree chips and 60x3 watt bulbs throws a wide and deep beam in front of your ATV. Even though it is smaller than other lightbars on the market, the 90% efficiency of this unit allows it to give out 30,000 lumens. 


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2. Rigidhorse 22-Inch

The Rigidhorse 22-inch LED light bar is the top of the line choice when it comes to LED units for ATV’s. This unit uses the hugely popular Cree LED chips which guarantee efficiency and performance for LEDs.

Along with this super quality LED chip, there is a well-refined combination of lens and reflector that has been designed to create a broad viewing area that does not suffer from dark spots and does not impact the distance of the beam. All of this is contained in a full aluminum housing that offers water and dust resistance.

The main selling point for ATV users though is the sheer power and efficiency of this unit. The 80 bulbs consume just 400 watts and give a very impressive 40,000 lumens. This translates to an 85% lighting efficiency which is market leading. Especially on smaller vehicles such as ATV’s, limiting draw on the vehicles electrics is important.

With the Rigidhorse 22-inch LED light bar you can have an efficient beam that still has the brightness of much larger and powerful models. Overall, this bar is currently in our top 5 of all-time on sale due to high-quality specs.


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3. Northpole Light 32-Inch 180W

This puppy really stood out among the more affordable options. If you do not need a large or massively powerful unit for your ATV, then the Northpole Light 32-inch 180W LED light bar is a great economical solution.

The 32-inch form factor of this unit makes it easy to mount anywhere you like on your ATV using the included, corrosion resistant mounts. Along with the small size of this unit it also has a very low power draw of 180 watts. Although it is economical, the Northpole Light 32-inch 180W LED light bar manages to push the 60 bulbs to give out 13,200 lumens, which is more than enough for most ATV users.

ATV’s are built to be knocked around, and so is the Northpole Light 32-inch 180W LED light bar. This unit has a black painted aluminum housing and shatterproof lens, which combine to give the unit an IP 67 water and dustproof rating. When using this unit on your ATV, you will never have a shortage of light to guide you on your way. Click on the button below to read the full LED light bar review.


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4. Auxbeam 50-Inch Curved

Looking for something really impressive? If you want one of the largest and most powerful units for your ATV, then you will want to consider the Auxbeam 50-inch Curved LED light bar.

This large, curved unit offers a very wide angle of illumination, giving you an optimal viewing area in all conditions. In this particular model, Auxbeam has used a fish-eye projector lens, which provides additional focus, even at long distances. There is also a mix of spot and flood pattern in the reflector to give an optimal mix of width and length to the beam that is thrown by the model.

This powerful unit is also very sturdily constructed and pretty big, which makes it perfect for use on ATV vehicles that are often treated roughly. The aluminum casing is waterproof but also doubles as a heat sink which increases the longevity and efficiency of the LED chips. No matter what you throw at the Auxbeam 50-inch Curved LED bar, it will keep on shining and show you the way.


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5. MICTUNING 32-Inch

Speaking of impressive - This 32-inch LED light bar by MICTUNING manages to pack a lot into a small package and is ideally suited for ATV users. The MICTUNING 32-inch LED light bar houses 60 high-intensity LED’s that can give off an impressive 13 200 lumens, which can easily be powered by any vehicle with a 10-30v power source.

Mounting this unit has been made easy, with all of the mounts needed to get the unit onto your ATV included. All of these mounts, as well as the unit itself are constructed from diecast aluminum which is very resistant to rust and corrosion.

The beam given off by the MICTUNING 32-inch LED light bar is strong and consistent, with all the width and depth you will ever need. This is achieved by using a reflector cup with a high luminous capacity and having a lens that allows the full spectrum of the beam to pass without obstruction. You are sure to be satisfied with this unit, and if you are not, you can rely on the two-year manufacturer warranty.


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5 Best Emergency LED Light Bars

This is an instance where you don’t want to mess around with low-quality tools. If you are involved with emergency services as a professional or a volunteer, then you are well aware of how important it is to be seen in certain situations.

Emergency bars are designed to be mounted prominently on emergency vehicles to alert others around you and having them fail at a crucial moment could have dire consequences. These LED light bar reviews come highly recommended from the emergency services. 

Here are our top picks for the best units to use in emergency situations:

1. ThunderEye 18-Inch

The ThunderEye 18-inch LED light bar is the perfect temporary emergency light solution. The main feature that makes this unit stand out is the magnetic mounts, which make it easy to install without drilling unsightly holes in your roof. This brand is one of the biggest LED emergency manufactures always producing the best bars on the market. 

In practical terms, this also means that you can easily fit and remove the unit depending on the situation. The design of the unit itself is sleek and modern so that it does not impact the aerodynamics and efficiency of the car.

Within the unit itself, there are 40 LED lights in four separate banks that offer full 360-degree coverage. The ThunderEye 18-inch LED bar can be powered by the included 12-foot cord which is easily plugged into the cars cigarette lighter. On this same cord, there is a convenient on/off switch and a control unit which gives you access to 15 flash patterns for the beam. Even in bad weather, you will be covered, because all of the parts of this small and sleek unit are weatherproof and won’t fail, no matter how rough you treat them. Could this be the best LED light bar for the money?


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2. Xprite 44

If you need to grab the attention of other road users, then you should consider the Xprite 44-inch LED light bar. This amber/yellow colored emergency beam is very conveniently mounted to the roof of your vehicle using magnetic mounts, avoiding the need for unsightly holes in the cars/truck roof.

The unit is powered via the supplied cord, which is then plugged into the cars cigarette lighter. On this same cord, you can control the unit by turning it on and off, or by changing between seven different modes.

The great thing about the Xprite 44 LED light bar is just how powerful it is. Tests have shown that the amber/yellow glow given by this unit can be seen from up to half a mile away. When using this product, you will always be seen when it matters most. Even bad weather won’t be able to stop you because this unit is fully certified as IP 67 waterproof. The bulbs themselves can be expected to last for up to 30,000 hours, which makes this unit amazing value.


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3. LAMPHUS SolarBlast 

Looking for something even more durable and reliable? For anyone who has a regular need to use an emergency warning on their vehicle, it is hard to look past the LAMPHUS SolarBlast LED Light Bar.

Just like other units in this category, you can easily mount the SolarBlast light bar using magnetic mounts, avoiding any drilling of holes or damage to your vehicle. However, if you prefer the permanent mounts, then they are also included to give you that option. The unit itself is completely waterproof and made of strong polycarbonate material that can stand up to the rigors of continuous usage. The power source for this unit comes from the cars 12v cigarette lighter.

The LAMPHUS SolarBlast LED Light Bar give complete 360-degree coverage of amber light, making you highly visible in all weather conditions. This is achieved with 34 high-intensity LED bars. One of the best features of this particular bar are the 30 possible settings that you can easily select using the controls on the power cord, including the option to synchronize multiple lights. The brand does say that the LAMPHUS model is the best value LED light bar on the market.


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4. Xprite Amber Law Enforcement 240 

This is one unit that is seriously hard to ignore, and this bad boy does not mess around. The budget-friendly Xprite Amber law enforcement 240 LED bar is a real powerhouse and one of the best emergency lightbars currently available on the market.

As the name of this product suggests, it contains 240 high-power LED lights that emit a strong and highly visible amber and strobe warning light. In a similar way to other lights in this category, the mini Xprite Amber law enforcement 240 LED has been designed with magnetic mounts to make installation and removal easy. Powering the unit is also a breeze, with the included power cord and adaptor for a cars cigarette lighter.

As well as being powerful, the Xprite Amber law enforcement 240 LED bar can also stand up to the elements and is extremely durable. The bar is a completely sealed unit and is water and dustproof. At no time, do you need to be concerned about this light on your roof as the magnetic mounts will keep it formally secured and the strong construction will stop any damage by the weather.

If you need to be visible on the road, this is one of the best and most cost-effective options. If you're looking for cheap emergency LED bars, then this product needs a serious look over.


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5. ZHOL Amber

Looking for the absolute best of the best? If you are an emergency worker, postal worker or on a road construction crew, it is so important for your safety to be seen clearly. With the mini ZHOL Amber LED Light bar, you can achieve the visibility you need without breaking the bank.

This compact and aerodynamic unit is easily fitted to any surface of your car using the included magnetic mounts and due to its small size, it will not affect the performance of your vehicle in any significant way. Powering the unit is also a breeze, with the supplied power cable and adaptor easily plugging into the cars 12v system via the cigarette lighter. If you want to avoid professional installation, then this is definitely the product for you.

The 240 LED’s give off a strong amber light that emits in a full 360-degree radius and is visible from a considerable distance. Operating the mini ZHOL Amber LED light bar is a breeze as well, with a simple mechanism for changing between the seven pre-programmed settings.


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How Do I Install Them?

Once you have decided on the right unit for you, the next challenge is installation. While some LED lightbars have a very easy and straightforward installation process, others can be more difficult. 

This is particularly the case if you choose to install your bar in an unusual place on your vehicle, where modification to the mounts or drilling holes in your vehicle could be necessary. If you lack the confidence or knowledge to install the bar yourself, it is highly recommended to get the help of a professional. It will cost money, you might even get a discount if you're nice but overall it's worth it, especially if you have spent money on the best lightbars possibly.

With that said - most models should be straightforward enough that you can install and maintain them yourself. The most important thing is to do your homework - and follow instructions carefully during installation to avoid injury, or damaging your unit. 

​Click here to learn how to install an LED light bar.

Get the info you need to do the job right the first time.