10 Ways To Make Your Car Look More Awesome

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A car is no longer a luxury; it is already considered a necessity. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find ways to make your car look more awesome than someone else’s. You could buy a second hand car or even receive a hand- me- down from Grandpa. But a customize car can make the new ones look tired and boring.

Here are 10 ways you can make your car look awesome:

1. Paint it Black

Is pink the new black? Is orange the new black? Maybe when it comes to fashion but if you want to make your car stand out, black is still the color to beat.

Solid colors such as gray and white remain classic but only black can make your car look elegant, sporty or mysterious while staying classy all the way. Whether it’s jet black, metallic black or matte black, it is a color choice that has stood the test of time.

As Henry Ford once said, “You could have any color you wanted as long as it was black.”

2. Tint the Windows

Car owners initially tinted their windows to protect the passengers from the sun’s Ultra Violet (UV) rays.

But putting tint on the windows also discourages people from peeking in. If you want privacy; and who doesn’t in this age of social media and smart phones, tint the windows of your car.

The tint does not have to be midnight black. You can opt for a softer, lighter hue of black or perhaps ask for one-way tinting service. You may occasionally a few passers- by use your car windows to fix their hair or makeup!

Before deciding on adding tint to your windows, you should first check with local legislation if the city allows it.

3. Spruce it Up with Spoilers

Race cars use spoilers to increase their grip on the road. But if your last name isn’t “Andretti” or “Lewis” putting spoilers on your car has one specific purpose: to make it look sporty!

Spoilers give your car that powerful look associated with race cars. It is made of lightweight fiberglass or polyurethane. Some car technicians will tell you spoilers can improve the machine’s aerodynamic performance.

4. Use Portable GPS

Technology has made everything easier and more convenient, including driving. Never worry about getting lost by having a portable GPS installed in your car.

There are many types of portable GPS available in the market. You can download an app and set your smart phone up with a deck on your dashboard.

There are also dash mounted GPS models and high tech augmented reality display where you can see and hear directions without having to pick up your phone.

5. Juice Up Your Sound System

If there is one thing in your car that everyone will remember, it has to be your sound system. It doesn’t matter what your musical tastes are; a great sound system makes everything come alive.

Depending on your budget, there are different kinds of sound systems that you can find in the market. Look for one that suits your style, needs but won’t blow out your windshield.

If your budget will allow it, you can buy a car stereo with Bluetooth streaming capabilities. You can stream your personalized “Top 40” list to the receiver while making hands- free calls.

6. Chill with a Portable Ref

Don’t let the heat of the sun or the monotony of traffic get you down. Chill out by stocking up your favorite beverages in a portable refrigerator.

You can buy a portable refrigerator that will fit nicely in your car’s front and rear console. There are different units, sizes and brands that offer a variety of interesting features. You can store sandwiches, salads and compact meals so you will never go hungry on the road.

7. Customize Your Steering Wheel

Another popular item that is frequently customized is the steering wheel. As the component that is associated with the act of driving, giving your steering wheel its own look can set it apart from the others.

You can go with the classic leather- dressed steering wheel or embrace the technology out there with a unit that can diagnose your car and advise you of any potential trouble.

If you decided to go with the spoiler, why not go the whole nine yards and get a smaller- sized steering wheel that is standard for race car driving? A smaller- sized steering wheel allows you to precisely navigate sharp turns.

8. Time Out Traffic with TV

Traffic is one of the most tedious realities of everyday life. It is an inconvenience that everybody has to go through frequently during the week. But you can make it bearable by installing a portable TV in your car.

Portable car TV’s have been popular for the longest time. Most models are installed in the headrest and are the ideal travel partner. If you’re a wonderful host at home, make life on the road more bearable for your passengers by having a car TV available.

9. Give it a Skirt

If you’ve decided to go with the spoiler and custom race car steering wheel, complete the sporty ensemble by giving your ride a skirt.

Skirts are fiberglass extensions that make your car look bulkier and lower than it actually is. It can be fitted into the sides, front and rear areas of your car.

Similar to the spoiler, the function of the skirt is to improve road grip and aerodynamic performance. It also makes you look fast and furious.

10. Fit it with Rims and Mags

Cars typically come with hubcaps. They look pretty standard and are fine until some thief comes along and steals one off you.

An option is for you to fit your car with rims and mags. Not only will they give your car the look of a lean and mean machine, but it will make thieves think twice before stealing from you.

If you want to customize your car, be ready to shell out some money. But you don’t have to do everything all at once. Come up with a budget and figure out which improvements are more important.

Most of all, don’t forget to take care of your car. This means following the standard checklist for car maintenance and road safety.

Remember that image is not everything. Your car must be safe and road-worthy at all times. A finely-tuned car is an awesome machine!

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