20 Inch LED Light Bar Eyourlife 126W Fog Driving Lights

When it comes to trucks, jeeps and utility vehicles then size does matter a lot. The average size of cars and trucks has been steapily increasing with more advanced safety. Bt as well as that, many drivers are still choosing some of the larger trucks available.

Drivers across America are opting to own a Pickup truck, 4x4 or off-road vehicle over a standard family car. After all the bigger the better, right?

Stats prove that automakers sold 17.55 automobiles throughout the US in 2016 with Ford’s F-Series pickup remaining the best-selling automobile in America last year.

They managed to sell 820,799 trucks – that’s equivalent of 93 trucks sold every single hour.

So with the American passion for trucks comes the need to invest in extras for the vehicle of your choice. LED driving lights are a must-have accessory for any self-respecting truck owner.

Like with any in-demand product it is always tricky knowing which one to buy. That is why you should keep reading as we have carried out in-depth research on the 20 inch LED Light Bar Eyourlif 126W Fog Driving Light.

Features and Specifications

Where do we start with the 126W Fog Driving Light? Well it has a wide operating voltage range. This product is one of the most affordable and best driving lights on the market today.

It can be fitted to many different makes and models of trucks and can even be used on cars and other forms of vehicles.​

This driving light bar comes with mounting brackets which are silicone gelled together with aluminum casings. That means the whole unit is waterproof as well as being rust-proof and less likely to corrode.​

The Eyourlife driving LED bar can be adjusted to around 45 degrees. That makes it far easier for the driver when changing the direction of the light.

There are many cheap driving lights on the market but rest assured the Eyourlife is not one of them. It has the best heat dissipation for high-quality aluminum with tough glass material for use in tough environments.

With this product there is a long lifespan because it is set up with ecologically friendly 126W LED lights. It’s longer lifespan is due to a design that uses quite low amount s of power (approximate lifespan of 30,000 hours).

Information About The Manufacturer

The Eyourlife manufacturer was established in China, Shanghai to be precise in 2005. They continue to be one of the leading brands in lighting equipment. Over their 12 years in operation they have managed to establish themselves at the forefront of specialization in LED products for automobiles, such as car LED lights. They also specialize in outdoor equipment and household goods. All their products come with a manufacturers warranty which differs depending on which product you purchase.

All Eyourlife products are excellently priced within their market to provide very good value for money without compromising on price.
As we know customer satisfaction is paramount to any business and Eyourlife is no different and provide excellent global marketing and customer support and aftercare advice.

Suitable Uses For The Light Bar

When you are considering purchasing a LED light bar it is more than likely that you will be fitting it to your truck or off-roader to be used for extreme driving conditions. The light needs to have either a flood light beam or spotlight or a combination of both.

You need to be sure that your driving lights cover a big distance because you need to be able to see any potential hazards more clearly – such as animals, rocks or fallen trees.​

Off-road LED lights can be very useful for cross country as the areas you are covering are usually less populated so you need to have suitable LED fog lights.

LED lights for trucks are very useful when you consider you may well be driving in stormy weather conditions where visibility is impaired. The use of the best-LED driving lights will dramatically improve your safety and ability to see more clearly.

The good news with fitting a driving light bar to your vehicle is the fact that it is energy-efficient. The best driving light bars on the market should all provide you with excellent light when driving and they should be very long-lasting.

While we firstly think of trucks and off-road automobiles as being suitable for using light bars, cars can also be fitted with LED car lights to help the driver perform better in poor visible driving conditions.

Poor visibility can occur at any time during daytime or nighttime driving. It is therefore of paramount importance that your vehicle has the required lighting systems in place.

With the number of accidents on US roads at a record high it is vital that you take every preventive measure to ensure that your truck is fully equipped with the relevant safety features.

There are many fog lights for sale in the US and indeed worldwide but it is important to make a well-informed choice when buying car fog lights or any other lighting unit for your mode of transport.

Car LED lights have become a must-have add-on for a wide range of vehicles mostly due to the fact that there are more road users than ever before.

Installation Information

As we all know it is tough enough making a buying decision but once that is decided upon then you have the task of installation of the product you have bought. Some LED light bars can be very simple and fairly straightforward to install – however, some others can prove to be a lot more difficult.

The installation process can become a lot harder when you have to fit your bar in an unusual place on your vehicle. Sometimes in this case you will need to make some modifications to the drilling holes or mounts on your vehicle.​

Like with most things in life if you don’t have the confidence or knowledge to install something, in this case the light bar, then it is best to get a trusted professional to install it for you.

Yes it may cost you extra money but it will be worth it in the end because you have peace of mind and it gets rid of any unwanted hassle.

If you do decide to install the bar yourself then it is vitally important you do your homework and follow the installation instruction carefully to ensure you avoid damaging the product and more importantly avoid injury to yourself.

Thankfully, this Eyourlife product is easy to fit onto your vehicle due to coming with easy installation brackets. It is easy to mount onto any automobile you just chose any suitable slide brackets to fit your vehicle.

However, some buyers found the bar a little bit tricky to attach the bar onto their vehicle. Of course this could be subjective depending on how skilled you are at doing such tasks. And indeed it could be dependant on what model vehicle you are attaching the light bar to.

On the whole the installation of this product should be fairly straightforward for someone who is used to tinkering with their pride and joy.

Which Vehicles Is The Bar Suitable For?

When you are considering buying LED driving lights you must make sure that the product will fit the automobile you have. This Eyourlie product fits a wide range of motor vehicles. Such as: Toyota Tacoma, SUV, Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, truck, Hummer h2-h3, Yamaha Viking, Nissan Titan Pathfinder, off-road, Van, Pickup, mining vehicles, heavy equipment project vehicle, tow trucks, boat pickup, campers, wagon, ATV, Jeep, 4x4, Ford F150, F250 and F350.

What Do You Get Included With Your Purchase?

It’s always important to know exactly what you are buying when you decide to go ahead with an online purchase, or any other for that matter. So below are the full details on what you can expect to receive.

1 x 125w LED light bar with different light styles: Eyourlife 126w flood and spot beams containing spots with an 30 degree angle.The flood features uses 30 LED with 60 degrees abgle, which gives out much brighter and deeper light for huge levels of visibility. Also included are the mounting brackets and instructions.

Is There A Manufacturers Warranty?

Indeed there is as when you purchase this Eyourlife light bar you will get peace of mind as it comes with a 3-year manufacturers warranty.

What Customers Have Said

Many customers were happy to point out that this 20 inch LED Light Bar was bright, very bright. Much brighter than most other more expensive products on the market.

However, one customer pointed out that this light may even be a little too bright when viewed close-up, but on the whole people who bought this bar were very happy with the standard of the brightness.

The price of this product was the reason they opted to purchase these lights over some other far more costly items. Customers, on the whole, were happy that the quality of the LED light bar was not compromised due to the fairly cheap price.

Most who purchased the product were delighted that they could buy a quality light bar for a fraction of the price when compared to some competitors.

Some buyers found the Eyourlife bar quite tricky to fit onto their automobile but were happy with the performance of the product when in use.

One customer pointed out that the wiring has to include a 12 volt on and off switch. They were also keen to point out that even though LEDs are very efficient this particular model bar was quite large and should be set up with 12 gauge wiring to help you avoid any mishaps.

Benefits Of Light Bars

The demand for LED driving lights is at a record high as drivers realise that they are a must-have when it comes to improving your driving safety and overall performance. They also happen to look esthetically cool and pleasing to the eye and definitely add something of the x-factor to the overall look of your truck.

There is also another key factor to consider when thinking about purchasing the best-LED driving lights – that is driver safety. We should all take road and highway safety very seriously due to the increased number of traffic on our roads in 2017.​

Did you know that each year there are over 5,870,000 automobile accidents on US roads? It may come as a surprise to some that 23% of those wrecks, that’s over a million, are caused by hazardous weather and poor visibility.

Driving in poor visibility increases the chances of you causing an accident that could be avoided by having the right driving lights or fog lights. There are many fog lights for sale due to the demand being high. Statistics prove that when driving in fog visibility can be decreased to as little as a quarter of a mile ahead and less.

Therefore, it comes as little surprise that some 31,000 road traffic accidents in the US each year are thought to be caused by thick fog.

The chances of having an accident in your vehicle are somewhat increased when driving at nighttime. There is a number of contributing factors to this just as, tiredness and less concentration due to the fact drivers think there is less traffic around. But the biggest factor is poor lighting due to dark driving conditions.

With an increase in poor visibility, be it nighttime driving or bad weather, it increases the responsibility on the motorist to take extra due care and attention to reduce their chances of a collision.

Unfortunately we live in a blame culture society so it is important that drivers adapt their driving skills to any given situation. So if there is poor lighting on the road they are travelling they must adjust accordingly. Because if a crash occurs then they have the added misfortune of possibly being sued due to it being deemed their fault.

For this very reason it is well worth considering buying the best-LED driving lights that you can afford to fit your needs. 

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