Auxbeam 12″ 72W LED Light Bar: Excellent Visibility From A Small And Affordable Product

Visibility in winter is not just poor because it’s dark for such long parts of the day. In many areas heavy rain, fog and snow are common weather conditions that drivers have to deal with. Unfortunately, these times of the year bring some increased driving risks.

Understandably, road traffic accident statistics do go up in winter. One of the largest contributing factors is bad visibility both day and night. However, there are very simple solutions that you can take advantage of. These will immediately improve how much you can see.

As a result, you will reduce the risk of driving into trouble. Whether that’s a wild animal or a broken-down vehicle in heavy snow. The solution is to add some lights to your car so that you can see further ahead and to the sides of the road.

But you don’t want to go for just any type of lights. You have to make sure that they can be securely attached and that they will withstand tougher weather and driving conditions.

It’s also important that they don’t blind you or other people around you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of light bars out there that are just not that suitable. In many cases the type of light they shine can actually reduce your visibility in rain and snow.

That is not the case with Auxbeam products, which have a proven track record and exceptional quality standard. In this article, we will take a closer look at the 12-inch model with 72W output.

Keep reading and see if this very reasonably priced product will work for you.

Quick Overview

These LED car lights are made by one of the leading companies in the mobile and security lighting industry. It is one of the smallest vehicle models they have. But even with just 12 inches you get a huge amount of added visibility.

The bar houses 24 Cree LEDs which are exceptionally efficient and bright. Your total output 72 Watt and a brightness of 7200 lmn. But because of the reflective surface and lenses, all the light is projected in one direction. That makes it a great solution for lighting up specific areas ahead of you.

Because it will probably be used in tough working and weather conditions you have to be sure that it will stand up to those. Rated at IP67 it would be fine if under water for 30 minutes. That means that rain and snow won’t do any damage.

The tightly sealed housing will also stop dust and other debris from entering. Small stones will just bounce off it includes PC lenses and a housing made from aluminum. This has the added benefit of not rusting so you don’t have to worry about replacing it in just a few years.

The light that is produced is very important. At 6000K it produces pure white light. This ensures that less light reflects off snow, rain and fog and you gain better rather than worse visibility.

Installation is quite simple for the brackets and housing itself. All the equipment is included. But the instructions for the wiring part are minimal at best. Also, if you have a large truck then you might need to extend the cable as the included one is quite short.

Overall though this is an excellent product at a very affordable price. You certainly won't be disappointed. 


  • 12-inch width ideal if you don’t want a large accessory
  • Water and dustproof to IP67 standard for great protection
  • 24 LED bulbs provide 7200 lumens to light up huge area
  • Very easy installation steps with included brackets
  • Pure white light for best visibility results in all weather conditions
  • Operating Voltage range: 9-32


  • No wiring instructions included
  • Included wiring is a bit short

Product Specifications

This 12 inch LED light bar is one of the smallest you can get. The only smaller ones are the pods. But those are designed to be installed in pairs or even four at a time. The great things with this small device is that it’s very affordable and won’t look out of place on smaller cars and trucks. It’s also ideal for construction or mining sites, as well as in workshops.

So, let’s take a look at some of the more important details.


Cree LEDs are pretty much an industry standard. They are very common in commercial and residential products. And because of their excellent quality track record you’ll be delighted to have them in this mode.

As far as brightness goes, you will have highly focused 7200 lumens. This is achieved through reflectors and lenses that channel the light into one direction.

You do have the option to switch between flood and spot beam. That’s a cool feature as sometimes you really want to be aware of things that be approaching from the side of the road.

One of the most important factors about light is the color. If you head into the red or yellow spectrum, then it will reflect more intensely off water particles. That means that in rain, snow and fog you’ll actually lose visibility.

With this Auxbeam product you you’ll get pure white light at 6000K. That means that the light will penetrate into fog and snow helping you to see further ahead.


With this small size, you won’t really have much trouble fitting it to any vehicle. It will suit cars, trucks, 4x4 and ATVs as well. While it’s a 12-inch-wide bar you do have to allow for the brackets as well.

The best place to attach it is usually on the front bumper. That way you get light close to the ground that doesn’t blind others. But the small size also make it ideal for fixed usage in workshops or construction sites. Installation is fast and easy, so you can even move it around whenever needed.


This is where Auxbeam always outperform their competition. The brackets and housing are made from die cast aluminum alloy. This is a very light but stiff material. And it has the added bonus that it will never rust. So, you don’t end up with something heavy attached to your bumper that ends up bending or cracking it.

And since it’s going to be exposed to all sorts of weather and probably debris you need that type of material.

The front PC lenses are also very hard wearing and won’t crack or break from the slight bit of debris.

What’s In The Box?

Essentially not a whole lot. That’s because you don’t have to do much assembly. There are all the brackets nuts and bolts needed. This is for attaching to your car, and for the bar to the brackets.

The trickier part is attaching the wiring. And as mentioned above the instructions are a bit vague on this.

Here is a list of the contents:

  • 72W LED light bar
  • Wiring cables with switch
  • 2 Mounting Brackets and bolts
  • Instructions

You’ll need just a few tools to get this installed. And you will also need to prepare the area you want to install it. That means drilling carefully measure holes to fit the bolts for the brackets. Just remember to measure twice.

Ideally you would have someone help to hold the full assembly in place and make some markings. It’s the most precise way to get it right.

Where Can You Use This Light Bar

As with all Auxbeam products they can and do get used in many different areas. Most people will attach them to their road vehicles. But they are also ideal for commercial equipment used on construction sites, mines and farms.

The important thing to consider is your electricity source. This product will support a wide range of 9-32 Volt. That means that for the majority of vehicles you’ll be sorted. Only in rare occasions will you have something lower or higher. If that is the case then you probably need some more specialty solutions.

As long as you have a power source and just over 12-inch by 3.5-inch space, then you are pretty much sorted. We’ll take a closer look below as to what types of vehicles this can be used on. But you’re not limited to vehicles. Many people have these indoors and outdoors to provide safer working conditions.

Installation Info

Whether this is your first or not, it’s always best to have a quick look over the instructions. Sometimes little things change from model to model. Or maybe you simply forget a small step. This just avoids having to rectify problems. Or worse, not realizing you did something wrong and it falls off while driving.

Before attaching the bar, it’s best to try and gauge whether the cabling you have is long enough. It is quite short and for large trucks or ATVs with rear mounted engines and batteries that can be a problem. Any automobile parts store will be able to sell you some extension cables.

Once you know that the cabling is right you can go ahead with the assembly. With the help of a friend it’s best to hold the light bar in place. Measure the center of your bumper and get it all lined up. Then you can mark where you need holes for the brackets to be attached.

That is one of the hardest parts done.

Now you can go ahead and securely bolt the light in place. You’ll probably have to wait for darkness to make sure you have the angle right though. At this stage, you’ll want to get the wiring attached to the battery and the switch placed in the cabin in a convenient location.

Vehicle Suitability?

Because this product is so small it’s ideally suitable for a huge amount of different uses. Many customers haven’t even attached it to a vehicle. But rather made a mounting rack that can be moved around. This is ideal for jobsites or mining areas where lighting is limited.

But it’s for vehicles that most people will want to use it. And your choices here are huge:

  • Family cars
  • SUVs and off-road Trucks
  • Pleasure and fishing boats
  • Military vehicles
  • Emergency response vehicles

As you can see there is no shortage of areas you can use it. One increasingly popular area is for marine use. If you like going fishing and have a small boat then you will often head out early in the morning. It’ll likely be dark and on the open sea that’s not a huge problem.

But you head onto a river or lake then you want to have a longer-range visibility. Attaching a couple of these to your boat will make a huge difference.

Because you can switch between spot and flood beams it’s also a great product to use for search and rescue. Many emergency response vehicles have been fitted with those or similar products. And the flexibility and added success is immense.

For anyone heading off-road with a 4x4 or ATV a product like this will be an absolute must. You might not go for something as small as this. But if you have a tight budget then it’s better than nothing. You can even have this as an additional one to a larger roof mounted light.

These could even be angled slightly to give you an even broader range of view. However, if you do have several of these running at the same time then you might need to invest in a larger battery.


For anyone on a budget who doesn’t want to be added to road traffic statistics, it’s a no-brainer to install additional lighting. Using powerful and energy efficient LED bars you can gain more than 300% additional visibility.

That helps to see further ahead as well as what’s coming from the side. If you’re on a budget, or have a small vehicle, then this 12-inch model from Auxbeam is an absolutely brilliant choice. It’s affordable, high-quality and will give you a far better chance in bad visibility. Order it today and you’ll be ready to go for the next bad weather spell.