Auxbeam 32″ 180W LED Light Bar Reviews

Auxbeam has long been a leading manufacturer of vehicle accessories with a specialty in lighting products. One of the outstanding highlights of the company is that they are constantly updating and innovating the technology they use.

When you buy one of their products, you know that a lot of thought has gone into the engineering. And you can tell that from the moment you turn on your LED light bar for the first time. Even their smaller products will provide a huge amount of brightness that will make driving in tough conditions a lot easier.

The Auxbeam 32-inch light bar is one of the go to products for commercial use and hobby off-roading. On this page, you’ll find out all the details about why this is such a good product. You’ll also see that we provide extensive information on how to best use and install it.

And if you are concerned about it being suitable for your vehicle, then just check out the suitability section below. We are certain that this product will suit the majority of people for hobby or professional use.

Quick Overview

This high-tech LED light bar is an ideal solution if you want to improve visibility in tough weather conditions and dark nights. Bad visibility is one of the most common causes of accidents, and with such a simple solution you can reduce that risk completely.

This product is 32 inches wide and can be fitted to various parts of your vehicle. The most common placement is to the front bumper or bull bar where it can be used with great effect in fog. The included brackets are easy to connect and the assembly will take no more than an hour.

The 60 LED bulbs provide 180 watts of output. This can be either switched to spot or flood lighting. Dependent on the area you’re driving in you will want to use this feature. The spot will provide a targeted funnel straight ahead. While the flood feature will give a broad 60-degree light beam.

The entire set up is dust and waterproof. With a certified water resistance, up to IP67 this light bar will stand up to seriously bad weather and rain. And that means you won’t have to worry about it breaking down when you need it most.

Finally, even for those drivers that do a lot of night time driving or off-roading, this product will last a very long time. You can expect to get about 50,000 hours of usage out of the bulbs, which means many years’ worth of safe driving.


  • 60 individual LED bulbs for exceptionally good visibility
  • 5D optic design using lenses and reflectors for maximum viewing distance
  • Can easily be switched from spot to flood lighting to suit your needs
  • Waterproof rating of IP67 will handle anything nature throws at it
  • 50,000 hours of usage for long lasting use


  • Wiring is a bit short for some trucks
  • Some whistling noise noticeable while driving

Product Specifications

In this section, we’ll focus a bit more on the technical specifications. This will help you to make comparisons to other products, based on the most important features.


The 60 LED bulbs provide 180 watts worth of output. And that translates into 18,000 lumens. Keep in mind that 1 lumen is equivalent to the light emitted from one candle, and you’ll understand how powerful this device is.

The light color is cool white which is ideal for all types of conditions. It provides the largest amount of the color spectrum and that gives you much greater visibility.


The light bar itself is 32 inches wide, and 3 inches deep and high. That is a really nice compact design that will not look bulky at all. Once you include the brackets the width increases to 35 inches, the height to 4.8 inches and depth to 3.4 inches. These are the important numbers to look at when measuring your own vehicle to make sure it will fit.

Adjustments And Usage

The beam angle can be adjusted to provide a spot beam at 30 degrees or a flood beam at 60 degrees. That is ideal for pretty much all types of uses, whether you are heading off-road or just driving in poor lighting conditions.

This particular model will work in temperatures from -40 to 185 Fahrenheit. Those numbers will make sure you can use it in pretty much any temperature conditions you could find yourself in. The 185 degrees might seem very high, but that is possible to happen in direct sunlight in desert like conditions.


The light bar enclosure and the brackets are made from high-quality aluminum. This makes it very light and extremely durable. For this price range, it is one of the best materials you can find. The only thing better and more durable would be carbon fiber. But that type of material would cost an awful lot more.

What’s In The Box?

The package is very comprehensive and will give you everything to get set up:

  • Light bar
  • Wiring harness
  • Brackets
  • Instructions

You will need a couple of tools in order to get the brackets and light attached, but they would be very standard things you’d find in any DIY toolbox. The only thing to keep in mind is that the wiring included may not be long enough. That can happen if you plan to attach the light bar in a place that is further away from the battery. Or if you have a particularly large truck or other vehicle.

However, replacement or extension wiring is pretty cheap to buy. So, if you find yourself struggling to hook up the lights, then just get some extensions, rather than trying to force it to fit.

Information About The Manufacturer

Auxbeam is owned by a company called Teammade, and their products have become the industry standard for very good reasons. Their products are constantly being updated and improved through very innovative ideas. This means that you always get the latest technology available.

All of the devices are introduced in many different sizes. That way you’ll always find the right size for your vehicle. That makes a huge difference, as you won’t need to adapt to the light bar. Rather, you pick a size that fits your truck.

As a leading maker of many auto accessories you will struggle to not find what you’re looking for with this company. Everything from industrial strength construction lighting, down to small light bars that can fit onto boats or all-terrain vehicle is covered.

Add to that a customer service that really does put the customer first, and you have all possible angles covered.

Suitable Uses For This Light Bar

One of the most common uses for any LED truck lights is to provide for much brighter and further reaching light in the dark. In urban areas, this is not so much a problem. But if you live somewhere rural with no street lighting, then you’ll know the value a light bar can bring.

When you’re able to see further ahead in the dark, then you can spot danger a lot earlier. That could be an animal on the road or a fallen tree. Those are things you don’t want to encounter at the last second.

LED lights for trucks are also ideal for any kind of off-roading you might be planning. Whether that is for hobby or professional reasons, you’ll be thankful to have a big bright light beam ahead of you.

With this particular product, you get the added bonus of being able to switch between flood or spot angle. That way you can choose between distance and a wider-angle setup.

For commercial use this light bar will give you a great set up for tough conditions. It is made from hard wearing materials to stand up to some serious work. Whether that is on a farm, construction site or in a mining setting, you’ll get great use and added safety out of this product.

You can also make use of it for water based vehicles. If you have a boat then staying safe at night is very important. If you are navigating rivers or coastal areas, then being able to see what’s around you is absolutely vital. With a couple of these light bars strategically attached to your boat, you’ll be able to light up a huge area around you.

Installation Information

The Auxbeam comes with light bar brackets that are suitable for a lot of the most common installations. Usually people tend to attach them to the front bumper, bull bar or sometimes on the roof. The brackets included will do perfectly well for such uses.

Installation is very simple with the included nuts and bolts. You even get a couple of Allen keys so you have ones for the right fit immediately. Some vehicles will come with prepared mounting locations where there is a small hole to feed the bolts through.

If that is not the case on your vehicle, then you might need to carefully prepare some mounting holes.

For specialty vehicles, you might also want to invest in some additional light bar mounts. This can be the case if you want to use it on a boat or ATV/UTV. In these cases, you can buy mounts that securely attach to roll or bull bars and as a result you’ll have a much more secure set up.

When you head off-road you don’t want the light bar to slip or change angle only to end up not giving you enough light. This can become very dangerous. So, make sure you always pick a solution that best suits your vehicle

What Vehicles Is It Suitable For?

This light bar is not one of their biggest and most powerful. But at the same time, it provides huge output that makes it ideal for many different uses.

If you like heading off-road in a truck or 4x4, then this will be the perfect companion. You won’t have to let darkness get in the way. And if wildlife is a problem at night, then you’ll be a lot safer with one of these.

They can also be ideal for rescue and emergency vehicles. As you can quickly switch between spot and flood mode, you’ll quickly get the light where you want it.

In the agricultural industry, you’ll often find several of these attached to tractors or harvesting machines. When you need to work late into the night, then you want to be able to still work safely. By flooding the surroundings of your vehicle with these lights, you’ll know exactly what’s going on, even at night.

But it doesn’t end there. Because the entire enclosure is water resistant (certified to IP67), it is ideal for use on boats and other marine equipment. If you like heading out fishing while it’s still dark, then you can make sure you have a perfect view at all times.

Finally, for mining, construction and other industrial operations, this light bar can be an ideal solution. Especially if you have a fleet of vehicles, then the price point and durability will be very attractive to you.


Of all the LED light bar reviews on this site, this product is possibly one of the most affordable and well-constructed. You get very bright light, in the best possible color spectrum. It is easy to set up and attach, without the need for advanced mechanical skills.

The latest and greatest technology has gone into the creation of this device. Auxbeam spend a lot of time on research and development. And when you see the end result you’ll know that your money was well spent.

If you spend any amount of time in very dark or bad weather conditions, then don’t hesitate to invest in Auxbeam. You’ll immediately create an exceptionally safe lighting set up, that you simply cannot get with standard built-in lighting. This is one investment that can make sure you don’t become a typical accident statistic.