Best Motorcycle Led Light Bar: Introducing The WEISIJI Work Pods With Powerful Spot Beams Ideal For Dirt Bikes

Driving a motorcycle in daylight and perfect weather and road conditions can be dangerous enough. But add to that some poor light conditions and maybe some rain as well and your visibility will deteriorate very quickly. And the less you can see ahead the quicker you can end up in a very bad situation.

It’s also important to be bright but no blinding to other motorists on the road. This helps you stand out more in all types of conditions. And as a result you’re less likely to be cut off by cars or trucks.

You’re likely driving with your headlight on all the time. In many places this is required by law. But your headlight is not always bright enough. And that’s where a motorcycle LED light bar comes into play.

These devices are small, bright and don’t drain much energy. The result is that you light up far more of the road ahead. While they are very common on dirt bikes and other cross country or off-road bikes, they are becoming more popular for regular road bikes as well.

In this article we will review the best and most popular model available. It’s not just effective, but will look the part too.

So, let’s dive right into some details

Quick Overview


When it comes to choosing a motorcycle light bar you want small and bright. Unfortunately the laws of physics limit how much light you can get out of small devices. But that’s where LED bulbs come in perfectly. And this Weisiji model is the perfect choice for all motorcyclists.

The mirrors at the back and lenses at the front ensure that practically all the light is projected out This results in a very focused spot beam that lights up the road or dirt track ahead far more than your headlights ever could.

The brackets are great and you can quickly and easily adjust the angle of the light beam. Over time it can happen that they dip or rise a bit. Or even accidentally get pushed to a side. Making adjustments to this is easy and very fast. Just make sure you occasionally fasten the screws to keep them in place.

With an IP67 waterproof rating you could even submerge them in water without taking damage. This is important if you’re planning to keep using your bike in winter as well. In addition to this you’ll be glad to know that the light bar housing is made of aluminum which will not rust or corrode, making it last for years to come.

The CREE LED bulbs are very long lasting and draw very little power. Each unit has 10 Watt output giving you a total of 20. This might not sound like much, but it will provide a total of 1,700 lumens which is more than 3 standard household bulbs.

On the downside we need to mention that you will not get the wiring harness included. So make sure you add one at checkout. And unfortunately the mounting bracket is “just” stainless steel and not the matching aluminum.


  • Excellent mirror and lens system project all the light out into a spot beam
  • Easily adjust the angle on the go to make sure you don’t blind others
  • ​Aluminum housing is rust and corrosion free for more durability
  • 20 Watt output from CREE LEDs provides a very bright beam
  • Waterproof rating of IP67 Means it won’t break down with the first signs of winter


  • Wiring harness is not included
  • Mounting bracket is stainless steel not aluminum

Detailed Specifications

WEISIJI Product Details

If the above info about the Weisiji has made you curious, then the following information should see you convinced. At this price range and with the included features it really is the best LED headlight for motorcycle use. And as you’ll find out shortly, they are not just suitable for bikes.


When it comes to light, most people just think of how bright it is. But what’s far more important is the color temperature which is measured in Kelvin. Anything above 6000K is deemed pure white and that is the best kind you can get.

Anything that goes into a color range will result in light reflecting off water droplets when it’s raining, snowing or foggy. The result would be that in such conditions you actually end up being able to see less than more.


The Weisiji units are a total of 4 inches long, which makes them one of the smallest available. This means you won’t struggle to find a suitable space for them to be attached. Total height and depth is 3 inches, so before you buy them just take some quick measurements around the area where you think you might wat to attach them.


The front lenses are made from hardened glass so that they won’t break with the first bit debris. But more important than that, the housing is aluminum alloy. This is a material that is very light and strong at the same time. And it will never rust or corrode. It’s likely these lights will outlive your bike by many years.


Finally, you want to make sure that you can get the light beam pointing in exactly the right direction and at the right angle. You don’t want it to be too high to blind other drivers. And you don’t want them pointing to the side taking away some visibility.

With the Weisiji bars you can very easily adjust the angle and direction. Just make sure you do this when it’s dark out and maybe with the help of a friend to make sure you get it set just right.

What’s In The Box?

Essentially you get everything you need to get the lights attached to your motorcycle, or whatever vehicle you want to attach them to. It doesn’t take much skill or many tools, and as you’ll see there is an Allen key included so you don’t have to go find one that fits.

Here’s what you get included in your shipment:

  • Two LED pods with 10 Watt output each
  • Mounting brackets
  • ​Two sets of screws and bolts including an Allen key
  • Installation instructions.

The main thing that is not included is the wiring harness and power switch. At this price range it’s absolutely not common to get the harness included, so just make sure you add it to your cart at check out.

The good news is that these don’t cost much and you won’t need very long wiring for a motorcycle. But without the harness you basically won’t be able to turn on the lights. These harnesses are simple enough and include a relay, a switch and some cabling.

These are hooked up to the battery and you can mount the switch somewhere convenient to easily access.

Who Makes These Dirt Bike LED Lights?

Weisiji is a relative newcomer to the lighting world, and they’re involved in some other clever accessories as well. Basically, anything from lighting to switches and bulbs are on their product list. At this stage they don’t have a huge offering, but that has helped them focus a lot more attention on getting their product right.

The pods featured on this page are mainly used as LED lights for dirt bikes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t suitable for street use or even other vehicles. Their small size is what makes them ideal for bikes, but they can just as easily be fitted to other vehicles. More on this further down.

Suitable Uses

For this article we’re mainly focusing on motorcycles as that is the main target vehicle. But when exactly do they become a great option to have. Basically, if you regularly find yourself riding in dark conditions, or in rain, snow or fog, then your visibility will be restricted. With the right lighting you can change that significantly.

So, even if you spend most of your time with your motorcycle on the road, then there is still a very good reason to have extra lighting. If you’re often on the road in rural areas where there is no street lighting, then you’ll be able to appreciate how important it is to be able to see as far ahead as possible.

But even when used during the day, they will help to make you a lot more visible to other drivers. The bright light from LED bulbs helps you to stand out a lot more.

And then there is the dirt bike rider who likes to head off-road in all types of conditions. Why let your adventure be restricted by daylight? With these light pods you will see so much further ahead, and as a result you can avoid getting into a difficult situation.

Installation Instructions

The number one rule when it comes to installing any gadget on your bike is to measure twice and even three times. Hold the lights in place and then have a friend hold them so you can make sure they will look right once attached. What looks OK up close, might not look so good from further away.

The mounting brackets that are included will require you to drill some holes if you don’t already have these in place. That’s why it’s so important to get the measuring and placement right.

Alternatively you can buy a clamp mounting kit.

These clamps can be fitted onto most bars of the handles or frame and that way you’ll avoid having to drill holes. They are very inexpensive and make installation a lot easier. The only downside with these is that over time they can come a little lose and if you bump into them the lights can become misaligned.

Once you have the lights installed you want to hook them up to the battery and install a switch as well. This will be part of the wiring harness which is not included. The important thing then is to get the alignment right. Best thing to do is head out in the dark with a friend and then make sure you get the optimum light beam.

What Other Vehicles Can They Be Used For?

While we believe these are the best LED lights for motorcycles, you are not restricted to installing them just on a bike. The great thing is that the pods have a very wide ranging Voltage compatibility. That means that even larger cars and trucks will be able to have these attached.

From an installation point of view there really is no restriction at all. As long as you can find a convenient space for them, they will work just fine. And with the waterproof feature, they will even work in marine situations.

If you have small fishing or pleasure boat, then navigating rivers and lakes will be so much easier than you can imagine. Just position a few of these pods around your boat and light up everything around you to avoid trouble.

The same is that case for off-road specialty vehicles like ATVs and Jeeps. As long as you can find a convenient space and buy the right wiring harness, the Weisiji pods will work perfectly well.

You don’t even have to install them on a vehicle. Construction and mining sites often have very little lighting. And with LED bulbs using so much less energy than halogen ones, you can have these running for much longer while hooked up to some batteries.


Overall, the Weisiji motorcycle LED light bar kit is a fantastic option for on and off-road driving. And the great thing is that they are bright enough to be used any type of vehicle in all kinds of weather conditions. If you’re concerned about safety and visibility, then this small investment is a very easy decision to make.

With an installation time of less than an hour, you could be set up in a matter of days. Just use the above price check buttons to find the latest deals at Amazon. It will be a decision you won’t regret.