5 Best Waterproof Led Lights For ATV: Exceptional Visibility From High Intensity Pod And Bars

When it comes to off-roading nothing is as effective or fun as a compact and powerful ATV. There are even races held throughout the country where people show off their skills. But most of the time ATVs are used for recreational or commercial reasons.

In either situation you’re likely going to end up in places with little or no lighting at night time. The result is that you become dependent on your halogen headlights, which are often nowhere near powerful enough.

The solutions is to install waterproof LED lights for ATV and other off-road vehicles. These devices need to be bright and stand up to the tough conditions and abuse that come with off-road driving.

You simply cannot afford regular knocks and rain, snow or standing water to cause damage. The one feature you really need to focus on is the materials used and the waterproof rating.

On this page you’ll find 5 of the best options in different sizes and price ranges. But one thing they all have in common is that they are waterproof and ideal for constant and regular abuse.

Our Top 5 Best Waterproof Led Lights For ATV Recommendations


The first waterproof LED light bar we’d like to focus on is this Yitamotor option. The company is one of the leading producers of vehicle lighting gadgets and firmly set in the mid-price range. Yes, you will find products with some more advanced features, but this one stands out from a value for money perspective.

By installing two shorter light bars you have the ability to control the direction of you light beam a lot more. This also means that you have more flexibility when it comes to finding the right location to install them.

This particular model comes with a flood beam setting. This means it won’t have a narrowly focused long beam, but rather a wider one that lights up more of the area to the sides as well.

The IP67 waterproof rating means that it will even work under water for a short time, so you won’t need to worry about ever doing damage in those cold, wet and damp winter months.

And to avoid corrosion and rust, the casing is made from high grade aluminum alloy. This is stiff and light at the same time, so you won’t find it getting easily dented or damaged from debris.

One thing to keep in mind is that the wiring harness is not included, so make sure that you add it to your basket before checkout.


  • Set of two 18 Watt light bars for more flexible mounting options
  • Flood beam lights up path ahead and to the side for added visibility and safety
  • ​IP67 waterproof means it will stand up to all types of weather and driving conditions
  • Aluminum housing is very stiff and doesn’t rust or corrode
  • Easily adjust the mounting angle by 45 degrees for the ideal light beam


  • Wiring harness not included
  • Mounting bracket is not sturdy enough

2 - Northpole Light: Small Pods For Added Flexibility

Sometimes you just don’t want a large or bulky gadget attached. Or maybe the design of roll and bull bars doesn’t make it easy to install a long light bar. In these situation you don’t want to sacrifice brightness, and that’s where these Northpole pods come in very handy.

Each one of the two pods has an 18 Watt output which gives you plenty of light ahead. And because they are individually set up you have a lot more control over where the light beams are pointing.

The light beam design is flood rather than spot. So you won’t get the extreme distance visibility, but rather light up more of the area to the sides.

The aluminum housing is sealed with rubber making it very robust light and waterproof. With the IP67 rating you won’t have trouble with rain snow or water splashes. The aluminum also makes sure that it won’t rust or corrode. It’s quite likely that the light pods will actually outlive your ATV.

The mounting brackets are well built and stand up to knocks and vibrations very well. They can also be quickly and easily adjusted if you need to do so on the fly.

One thing to keep in mind is that the way the wires come out at one side, makes it difficult to fully hide them.


  • Two light pods with 18 Wat output each for great brightness
  • ​Aluminum housing will stand up to all weather as it won’t rust or easily break
  • ​Mounting brackets are solid and easily adjustable
  • Flood light beam will light up areas in a very wide angle
  • IP67 waterproof design certification means rain and snow won’t cause damage


  • Make sure you add a wiring harness at checkout
  • Wires cannot be easily hidden

3 - Nilight 12 Inch 72W LED Work Light

Nilight is another leader in the vehicle lighting industry and this mid-range option is excellent if you need that bit more visibility. The bar is 12 inches long so you will have to make sure you have enough space to fit. Just do some measuring first to be certain.

The total output is 72 Watt which provides more than enough light for hundreds of feet ahead. But the best thing is that you can very easily switch between spot flood and combo light beams. This really is a standout feature as you can quickly adapt to the conditions and situation you’re in.

Using aluminum alloy for the housing ensures that you get a device that will not rust or corrode. And it’s stiffness will protect the bulbs from all knocks.

The light temperature color is in the pure white range which is very important. In rain snow or fog, all other light colors will cause excessive reflection from water particles making visibility get worse.

The easy installation means that you can get set up in less than half an hour. You just need to make sure that you also buy a wiring harness as it’s not included.


  • Powerful 12 inch light bar with 72 Wat output for excellent visibility
  • ​Easily switch between spot, flood or combo beam for more flexibility
  • ​Housing is made with aluminum alloy to make it stiff and durable
  • ​Pure white light is ideal for tough driving conditions
  • Easy to install and adjust


  • Wiring harness is extra
  • Flood beam is not as wide as other options available

4 - YITAMOTOR 24 Inch Light Bar

Another excellent larger bar is this high intensity waterproof LED spotlight. Of all the items on this list, this one will provide the highest amount of brightness when measured in lumen. With almost 11,000 lumen from 40 LED bulbs you will light up many hundred yards ahead.

The great thing is that the bulbs and reflectors are set up to combine spot and flood beams. This means you get excellent range and will be able to light up a wide angle as well. For most off-road conditions this will work perfectly to help you avoid getting into trouble.

To make sure it doesn’t break down due to rain snow and debris, the housing has been made from aluminum alloy. This is very light and stiff and won’t rust or corrode. With the rubber seals in place it also is IP67 waterproof. So you’ll never have to worry about excessive rain and snow exposure.

The installation process is quite simple and the great thing is that this model comes with the wiring harness included. For ATV use the cabling will be more than long enough, but if you plan to use it on larger trucks or boats, then you might need to get extension cables.

The main downside is that the size doesn’t make it universally suitable for all ATVs, so make sure you do some measuring first.


  • Extreme brightness from a 24 inch light bar with 120 Watt output
  • Wiring harness is included
  • ​Aluminum casing and IP67 waterproof design make this ideal for tough weather and driving conditions
  • ​Combo flood and spot beam provides excellent lighting ahead and to the sides
  • Good quality mounting brackets will not come loose easily


  • Larger size might not be suitable for all ATVs
  • Some static interference is noticeable on radios

5 - MICTUNING 21.5 Inch 120W Combo Led Light Bar

At 21.5 inches, this Mictuning option is in the mid-size range. You still get an impressive 120 Watt output. It’ a bit more expensive than the previous option above, but not as bright at 8,000 lumens. You still get the combo flood and spot beams to give you the best possible visibility.

The light quality on this option is the standout feature. At 6,200 K it is well in the pure white range. This helps to improve visibility in rain, snow and fog as it doesn’t reflect as much off the water droplets.

The tough aluminum housing and thick rubber seals make this ideal for use in all types of bad weather. You won’t have to worry about water getting into the electronics or causing the housing to rust.

The mounting brackets are very good quality and even look nice as well from a design perspective. You won’t find that they loosen even with lots of vibrations. The only real downside is that the wiring harness is not included, and the instructions are not the easiest to follow.


  • 21 inch light bar providing 8000 lumen at 120 Watt
  • ​Pure white light is best quality for snow, rain and fog
  • ​Very tough aluminum housing will stand up to heavy knocks
  • ​Thick rubber seals ensure an IP67 waterproof rating
  • Great quality mounting brackets for a solid installation


  • Wiring harness is extra and needs to match you vehicle size
  • Installation instructions are not very clear

What Features You Need To Focus On

In this section we’ll highlight the features that you want to focus on. Try to ignore the marketing language and focus on these specs.


To compare products you want to focus on Watts and lumen. But the lumen will be the best thing to focus on. Two products with the same wattage can have very different lumen specs because of differences in the lenses and mirrors used. If you need the brightest possible option, then focus on lumens.


In the above options we cover pods from 6 inches to bars with 22 inches. There is great flexibility with the pods, but it does take more work to install and maintain. The pods have the advantage as well that you can fit them into very small spaces if your roll and bull bar design doesn’t make larger bars an option.

Light Quality

This might seem like a strange feature to consider, but it’s vital that you get high-quality pure white light. You will see light color temp references with a measure in Kelvin and this should always be above 6,000K.

Anything other than this will go into different colors. And these colors will bounce off water droplets and actually cause visibility to get worse in rain, snow and fog.


For this you want to check the IP rating and IP67 is the least you want to see. This value means that the unit will continue working even when submerged in water for about 30 minutes. Rain, snow and water splashes will not do damage and you won’t have to constantly check for water getting inside the unit and drying it out.


The above waterproof LED lights for ATV use are all exceptionally good and great value for money. If you spend a lot of time off-road for work or fun then you don’t want darkness, for, rain or snow to make driving too dangerous.

With the right piece of equipment, and a short installation time, you can be up and running in a few days. Just use any of the above price check links to find the latest deals at Amazon.