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Why You Need Car Air Conditioning Service

Whether its rainy season or summer, you should always sure your car air-conditioning system is properly working. Keeping your car air-condition well maintained will not just ensure comfort during long drives. It will also keep you healthy by filtering noxious and dangerous fumes from your interior. Regular car air con maintenance will prevent minor issues from turning into major repairs which can be very expensive.

How Does Auto Air Conditioning Work?

Contrary to what some people may think, your car air-conditioning system does not simply blow cool air inside your car. It goes through a more complicated process which is why it is referred to as a car air condition system. There is a process that involves different parts with their own specific functions.

A car air condition system has 3 component parts: the evaporator, condenser and compressor.

Evaporator This is a small radiator located inside the dashboard. What an evaporator does is to provide cool air inside the car. The evaporator is where the liquid refrigerant takes on any warm air and evaporates it before transferring it to the condenser.

Condenser If the evaporator absorbs heat, the condenser releases it. When the refrigerant enters the condenser as a high-pressure vapour, it gets cooled and returns as a cooler, high pressure liquid.

Compressor The compressor is responsible for pumping high pressure vapour into the condenser.

Thus, your car air con does more than just keep you cool inside the vehicle. It removes warm air that could be circulating inside the vehicle’s cabin and dispels it outside.

When your car air con is down, you will notice that the cabin gets uncomfortably warm. It could be a mechanical problem involving one of the three component parts or your air con may just need a re-gas or recharge by adding refrigerant fluid. Either way, it would be advisable to have your air conditioning checked by a car air con specialist.

Can you imagine driving around in near 100 degree temperatures while your air conditioning system is down? If you get stuck in traffic, it will make the experience 10 times worse.

Or what about if there is a torrential downpour? The difference between the cold air outside and the warm air inside your vehicle will cause moisture to form on your windshield. Unless you get car air conditioning service, you will spend the drive wiping your windshield from time to time so you can see the road in front of you.

Neglecting car air con repair services whenever it is needed, will potentially lead to bigger problems which would entail more work and greater expenses.

If you notice that your car air conditioning is not working properly, have it checked out right away.

What Is Included In A Car Air Conditioning Service?

Even car owners who love tinkering with their vehicles would prefer to entrust the care and maintenance of their auto air conditioning system to a certified professional car air con technician.

When your car air con system breaks down, the technician will assume the following conditions as the possible causes:

  • Issue with the drive belt tension;
  • Blocked air flow from the condenser and radiator;
  • Possible refrigerant oil strain at the compressor, hoses, pipes or fittings;
  • Faulty compressor mounting brackets;
  • Service port caps could be missing.

Once they have gone through the checklist and the problem persists, the technician will recommend that your vehicle undergo complete car air conditioning service.

These are the usual scope of works included in a standard car air conditioning service:

  • Temperature checks on the air vents.
  • Recycling, reclaiming or replacement of operating gas.
  • ​Replacement or check of receiver drier/ filter.
  • Adjust the drive belts and pulleys.
  • Evaluate operation of valves and thermostats.​
  • ​Test system line and components for possible leaks.
  • ​Inspect working condition of hoses and components.
  • ​Clean the condenser fins.
  • Deodorize and sanitize system.

If re-gas is needed, the following procedures will take place:

  • 1. Replace air conditioning Schrader valves.
  • 2. Replace receiver drier/ filter.
  • ​3. Add correct amount of refrigerant compressor oil.
  • ​4. Use UV dye to detect leaks.
  • ​5. Evacuate system for at least 20 minutes so moisture can be removed.
  • 6. Charge system with correct refrigerant type and amount.
  • 7. Check for leaks using UV lamp and electronic refrigerant sniffer.
  • ​8. Test performance of car air conditioning system.
  • 9. Record and evaluate pressure and temperature readings.

It should be noted that refrigerant gas types such as R-12 and R-13, popularly known as Freon, have been studied to be hazardous to the environment. It is can lead to the depletion of the ozone layer and contribute to global warming.

The use of these types of gasses is illegal. If caught, the penalty could run up to thousands of dollars.

When choosing your car air conditioning system services provider, make sure the company has a Trading Authorization and Refrigerant Handling License.

Value Added Car Air Conditioning Services

In addition to the usual car air con system diagnostics and repair services, the professional air con technician will also make sure your vehicle is safe to ride in by eliminating dust, bacteria and air borne viruses.

If not properly cleaned and regularly maintained, your car air conditioning system becomes an ideal breeding ground for moulds, fungus and bacteria. This is not good for passengers who are highly allergic to dust and other forms of allergens.

Air con repair service providers will use environmentally safe equipment to clean and sanitize your car air conditioning system’s component parts, air filter and the entire interior of your vehicle to make your car smell fresh and brand new.

3 Tips On How To Maintain Your Car Air Conditioning System

It is strongly advised that you have full service car air con maintenance checks once a year. Regular maintenance will reduce the risk of car air con break downs and better system performance.

Technicians recommend having a car air conditioning maintenance schedule of once every 1-2 years.

In the meantime, do your share in making sure your car air conditioning system stays in good shape year – round by following our tips:

  1. Run your car air conditioner for at least 10 minutes once a week to maintain the correct gas pressure.
  2. Turn your car air con to its coolest setting for 5 minutes then switch to its “defrost” setting for another 5-10 minutes to release moisture and prevent the build-up of moulds.
  3. Have the gas station attendant or its resident mechanic check your refrigerant level every few months. Although, a re-gas is not required until after 1-2 years, regular checks will let you know if there are potential leaks.

Include a car air conditioning maintenance schedule in your calendar. A car air conditioning system that is working fine will help make your trips easier, more comfortable and keep you and your passengers healthy and safe.

For more information on LED lights, visit our homepage.

5 Off Road Accessories You Don’t Want To Be Without

In today’s crazy world the majority of SUVs never see an unsurfaced road. Let’s face it, the majority of them wouldn’t be suitable for that kind of driving in the first place. But if you do like heading off-road for fun and sport then there are a few very important 4x4 off-road accessories that you have to consider.

First, we should clarify what we mean by heading off-road. This doesn’t mean just heading into a grassy field to skid around a bit. What we are referring to is full on dirt tracks with rocks, boulders, fallen trees, rivers and steep inclines. Imagining going on a hiking trip with your car is the best way to picture it.

As already mentioned, you don’t want to be doing this with the majority of SUVs out there. This requires all-wheel-drive, deep tread tires and adjustable differential at the very least. You need a proper off-road vehicle designed from the ground up to deal with tough conditions.

But even once you have got yourself a vehicle designed for such demanding tasks you also need some accessories. And these probably didn’t come with it straight out of the showroom. On the remainder of this page you will find out about 5 of the most important things you have to invest in.

5 – Tire Repair And Inflator Kit

The number one item on this list of off-road truck accessories is a kit to help fix up tires. When you head off-road your tires will take a huge amount of punishment. They will constantly be hitting hard objects like rocks with quite a bit of force. And the more often that happens the more likely you will encounter a puncture or flat tire.

The constant impact can even be a problem for high-quality off-road tires. No matter how careful you are, it will eventually happen. In most cases though, these issues can be fixed quite easily. And you don’t always have to go straight for a spare tire.

The first thing you can do is to simply inflate the tire again. It could be the case that it’s not a puncture, just that the valve has not been able to handle all the impacts. Just like on your regular road car, tire pressure can and does deteriorate over time. Off road this is going to happen a lot more frequently.

So, when you’re in the middle of nowhere you need to have a reliable and powerful air compressor. The good news is that they are pretty cheap. And for less than $50 you will have a small machine that won’t even take up much space.

They work just like any standard air compressor and plug in directly to your cigarette lighter. Just make sure you buy one with a long enough power cord. 10 foot is usually enough for you to get to all four wheels. But if you want to be on the safe side then try and get something longer.

In more severe instances you could encounter small tears or punctures. Sometimes these can be detrimental. But if they are small enough then you should be able to keep going by using a tire repair kit. These usually involve a pressurized container that has a gas and sealant mix. As soon as you attach it to the tire valve it releases the sealant into the tire.

For small damage that can be enough to stop air from escaping at least until you can get to a professional tire repair center. Just make sure you don't delay getting to one.

4 – Heavy-Duty Jack

Another one of those must have 4x4 accessories is a heavy-duty jack. And if you really want to be prepared then you should consider two of these.

The most obvious reason you will need this for is changing a tire. Or maybe even two. If you have ever had a tire problem then you know that without a jack you are pretty much going nowhere. Especially if you have a large and heavy SUV.

Now most cars and trucks will come with some sort of a jack included. But those types of jacks are only really suitable if you break down on the side of the road. You will need hard and even ground which is something you don’t come across too often when you’re off-road.

With a designated and heavy-duty jack, you need to look at the design and the amount of weight it can lift. First of all, you will want to focus on the design of the base plate. This is what will sit on the ground and is where it will need to be flexible to adjust to uneven ground.

You should always try and make the ground as even as possible for safety reasons. But with a flexible base you will be able to adapt to your situation a lot better.

If you have a very large truck that you take off-road, then your average jack will likely not be powerful enough. The lifting mechanism is usually not the problem. It’s more the total weight that it can hold up without facing the risk of collapsing.

You can even get hydraulic jacks that you can plug into your cigarette lighter or attach to your air compressor. These are convenient but will cost you extra. They could also break down, in which case a mechanical one would still be needed as a backup option.

Finally, you should always consider a backup option. This is not just because one of them could break down. Sometimes you might need to get underneath your vehicle to repair some damage and that is going to be a lot easier when two sides are lifted off the ground.

3 – Spare Tires

You should never head off-road without spare tires. When you drive on roads, chances of a flat tire are a lot lower. And if it does happen you can call for assistance if you didn’t have spare tire. But that’s not so simple when you are off track altogether.

If you don’t have a spare tire, or better yet two, then you could end up stranded for hours or even days. You would have to rely on someone to come to you with a spare so that you can get moving again. That would (a) be very costly and (b) is very time consuming.

Just because you managed to get far into the wilderness doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy or convenient for someone else to.

Most vehicles these days have at least one spare tire included. On proper off-road trucks, they are usually attached to the back of the car to make it easier to access. But we strongly advise that you consider getting a second one.

If you regularly head onto tough terrain then the risk will greatly increase for damage to be done to your tires. And when one has failed the others might fail very soon after. The reason is that all 4 tires are likely going to be taking the same battering over time.

It is also important that you keep all tires attached to the truck and the spares as the same type with the same tread. When you are driving in dirt or mud then you want to make sure that all 4 tires provide the same amount of traction.

Uneven distribution of traction will quickly result in wheels spinning or traction control kicking in. This can then quickly result in you getting stuck and your vehicle even digging in rather than getting out.

Of all the 4x4 accessories you can get, spare tires are probably the absolute most important ones. It’s the one thing that will result in you getting completely stranded and reliant on others to help you.

2 – Winch

Next on our off-road accessories list is a powerful winch. Even when you plan your trip well you might find that there will be situations where you’ll need to pull yourself out of trouble. And being able to do that without calling for help is a lot more satisfying. Let alone less embarrassing.

The majority of winch systems will be securely attached to the front bumper and usually the chassis as well. The reason for that is that the bumper itself is just attached to the car with nuts and bolts. Those are not designed to be able to withstand a large part of your jeep’s weight.

So, when you invest in a winch system, make sure that it is securely attached in a way that allows you to pull the entire vehicle.

Winches are usually designed with different size motors. The motors are electric and power off the battery. That can drain the battery very quickly, so make sure you leave your engine running for this to be avoided.

It’s very important to buy a winch that is suitable for your truck. Yes, you can buy pretty decent ones for a pretty small investment. But if the winch motor is not strong enough to pull your truck then it basically is useless.

All winches will come with indications of their power output. So, make sure that you pick one powerful enough for the weight of your vehicle.

There are many different situations where you might need the help of your winch. For example, you could find yourself stuck in swampy or muddy ground where your tires are simply not getting enough traction. Another common situation is an incline that is just too steep, even if you gather a bit of speed. With a winch these moments of trouble will not be a major problem.

1 – Light Bar

The final item on this list is a professional grade light bar. These are essentially sets of LED lights in a row that combined provide a very focused and intense light beam. Usually they range in size from about 20 inches all the way to 50 inches long.

And when you are driving off-road in the dark then you want to see a lot more than what your headlights can provide. These types of lights for trucks are very easy to install and are available for less than $100. For such a small investment, you will give yourself a huge advantage when visibility is poor.

But it’s not only darkness they can help with.

Everything from heavy rain to fog, mist and snow can have a huge impact on your visibility. When you drive on normal roads that is a big enough problem. But off-road it just makes it plan dangerous.

What light bars allow you to do is use extremely white light to penetrate further through the water and ice particles in the air. That helps you to avoid surprises forcing you to take different routes or even getting stuck in a situation that could see you stranded.

The great thing when you invest in a good light bar is that you can quickly switch between spot light and wide angle beam. This is convenient for two reasons. Firstly, there are times when you’re in the wild and want to be able to see anything that might be approaching you from the sides. Hitting a large animal in the dark is not fun.

Secondly, you can see far enough ahead to figure out if the direction you’re heading is safe and suitable. That can save you a lot of time and can reduce the number of times you have to reverse in poor visibility.


At this stage, you have a pretty good list of 4x4 truck accessories. There are many more things that you might need to invest in. But if you start with this list of upgrades then you’ll definitely be ahead of the game.

That goes for occasional hobby off-roading and competitive events as well. It will be so much more fun when you know that you’re prepared for the most common eventualities. Make sure you don’t suffer the consequences and embarrassment of getting stranded because you forgot to do some basic preparations. Happy shopping!

LED Light Bars: Life Savers When Driving In Fog

Hitting the road early in the morning and coming home late just before the sun is about to rise are a part of many normal Americans who work hard to take care of their beloved family. In these early hours of the day, fog is the common enemy for a driver regardless of how experienced you are. Weather is unpredictable. But you can be safer driving in a foggy condition just by using an LED light bar.

Driving in fog is one of the most dangerous conditions for any driver. This is because of low visibility on the road. The denser the fog, the less distance you can see ahead on the road. If the fog is combined with other hazardous weather conditions such as snow or ice, the danger multiplies.

In this article, you will find extensive information about the dangers of driving in fog. This includes statistics and the effects that fog has on perception. The best solution is to install an LED fog light bar, as this will light up more of the road ahead. And the more you can see the safer you will be in tough conditions.

Perception Of Speed

Furthermore, fog also tricks your eyes into thinking that objects are moving slower than their actual speed. And when it is dense, you are not able to see objects clearly. That leads to inaccuracy of the speed perception. This is down to the human brain making decisions based on relation to surrounding objects.

The Dangers

Another dangerous aspect of driving in fog is you are not able to see everything that could be on the road. A tiny bump may not cause you a big trouble and throw you off the road. What about an object or a big pothole that could possibly blow your tire? You may lose control and your car might fly off the road.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, every year on average, there are 28,533 fog related accidents. These result in an average of 495 fatalities and 10,448 injuries.

All of these deaths and injuries could have been avoided if the drivers were not blinded and tricked by the fog. You do not want to become one of the people in the statistics above and the best way to save yourself from the danger of fog is the use of an LED light bar.

What Are Fog Lights?

Some people dismiss these as completely unnecessary, as they have head lights. But there is a fundamental difference.

The job of head lamps is to illuminate the road so you can see and drive at night. They should be on at all times when you are driving in the dark. The job of fog lights is to help you see when the weather condition around you is foggy. However, not all fog lights are made equally. And the best type to use is LED light bars instead of other universal lights.

LED: The Best Option

Why are LED light bars are preferred instead of other universal fog lights? Such as amber fog lights and the standard fog lights that may have come equipped with your car? What makes them safer than the others?

You are going to see below.

Amber fog lights (yellow fog lights) are what you may have seen on some vehicles. However, they are not very safe and their effectiveness is low compared to LED light.

Most amber fog lights which admit yellow light are in fact just a white light bulb coated with a layer of yellow filter on the outside. This does not do any good rather than reducing the power of the light beams. 30 percent of the light’s power is reflected back as it hits the yellow coating. This means, you only get 70 percent of the full capacity.

LED fog lights, on the other hand, provide you with a full capacity because there is no need to add a filter over a light bulb that admits white light to make the beams any whiter. As a result, you get the full power of what you paid for. When it comes to power, they are the winners over amber lights.

Why Light Color Matters

Now, let's make an exploration in the field of Physics. Within the color spectrum, white light is able to reflect all other colors. This is why you can see all colors of the color spectrum on a rainbow because white is the natural color of light.

The yellow light is bad news when it comes to fog lights. Yellow does not have a wide range of spectrum like white. It does not reflect all colors. And the colors that get reflected in your eyes under a yellow light always appear to be dimmer. A lot dimmer than those that are reflected back in your eyes under white light.

The color that appears to be hidden the most under the yellow light of amber fog lights is red. If you look at a red object under a yellow light, you can see that it turns black. Black is the color of the night and when it is dark, you surely do not want to miss those red stop signs or the red car in front of you. And especially not one that is coming on the opposite side of the road.

Every light has a different wave length and depend on the wave length you see each light in a distinctive color. White light has a shorter wave length than yellow light in the color spectrum. That makes it reflect information about colors back to your brain faster. You may not see it because you cannot see as fast as the speed of light. However, this information is absorbed by your eyes and brain.

Advantages Of Light Bars

The second thing for discussion in this article is why you should choose light bars. And why are they better than the standard separated bulbs you may have seen equipped on most cars that come with fog lamps. The shape and size of a light does make a huge difference. On a foggy road, you surely want the best protection for your life and your family.

Now, let's play a fun game with your imagination to see how size does matter when it comes to fog lights. Imagine you have two triangles equal in size. And you put 50 percent of one triangle on top of the other. You'll see that there is an area between the triangles you are not able to see.

An LED fog light bar is simply a bar with multiple fog lights mounted on it. But, this simple design makes a huge difference. Let's take the above image of the triangles a step further. But this time with rectangles. If you place your rectangles next to each other, you can see that there will be no area that is not covered by the triangle.

When you are driving on a foggy road, you need to be able to see everything that might be ahead of you. Therefore, a fog light bar is definitely a better solution for safety over separated lamps.

There are many vehicles on the road with different sizes and height. Some are smaller, some are bigger, some are taller, and some are shorter. The next part to be discussed about is how to pick the right fog light for your vehicle.

Choosing The Right Size

For any vehicle, it is recommended to mount a fog light below the bumper. And they should be close to the road so that the light can travel further distance. Thereby it will cover a larger portion of the road. It is also advised that you should choose products that have a wide angle. That way both sides of the road can be illuminated.

LED fog lights for cars are easier to be installed. This is because most cars are closer to the surface of the road than other types of automobiles. The best time to install your lights is when it is dark. That way you are able to see how wide the beams of your lights can cover on the road. Then, you should slowly adjust the angle to make sure it covers the most area of the road as possible. And that should include both sides of the road.

Specialty Truck Lights

Most pickup trucks have a high floor because they are built for heavy duties and more for off-road driving than small cars. For this reason, installing a fog light on a truck is different from installing fog lights on a car. The type of products you use are also not the same as those you use on a car.

When buying a fog light for your truck, you should pick one that is wide in width so that you will have light beams covering more area on the road. The wider width makes up for the higher distance between the floor of your truck and the road.

A huge mistake that some truck drivers who have a grille guard and bull bars make is that they install their fog lamps on top of the grille guard or in the middle. This simply kills the purpose of this type of lights and turns them into regular head lamps. Your fog lights need to be as close to the road as possible.

Therefore, the best position to mount truck fog lights is the lower part of your grille guard or bull bars. Before you consider purchasing a grille guard or bull bars, make sure that they have a wide area at the bottom so that you can easily mount your fog light on. Always keep in mind that you want to be able to see as much of the road in front of you as possible.

Now that you know what type of fog light is best to install and how to use it properly, let's talk about when to use your LED fog light bars. Because you do not need to use them all the time. Using them all the time may put other people's lives on the road in danger.

When Should You Turn Them On?

Fog lights have a higher intensity than regular head lamps. Some drivers choose to drive with them on all the times to lighten the road much brighter than their regular head lamps. And others use them whenever they drive at night for the element of coolness. This is wrong and if you do this, you endanger the lives of other drivers by blinding them.

It is recommended to check with your local authority. In many cities, it's illegal to drive with fog lights on within a densely-populated area. Only use them when you need to and do think about other drivers on the road. Because once blinded by such bright light, the car they slam into may be yours. And remember that coolness is definitely not as important as a person's life. Putting someone in danger is not cool.

Besides saving your life and making every trip up and down the foggy roads easier, LED lights also put less stress on your car battery. They use 75 percent less power than normal lights and they also last 25 times longer on average. If you are an environmentally friendly person, LED lights are also a perfect choice because they cause so much less carbon dioxide than regular light.


Driving in fog is a dangerous condition for anyone. And it’s one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in the United States. With all of the above, from a higher ability of saving lives to a lower cost of energy, LED fog light bars are what drivers need in foggy road conditions. As of now, they are the best available option for drivers. By applying the things you have learned from this article, you should be safer on the road and so are the other drivers around you.

improve car

10 Ways To Make Your Car Look More Awesome

improve car


A car is no longer a luxury; it is already considered a necessity. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find ways to make your car look more awesome than someone else’s. You could buy a second hand car or even receive a hand- me- down from Grandpa. But a customize car can make the new ones look tired and boring.

Here are 10 ways you can make your car look awesome:

1. Paint it Black

Is pink the new black? Is orange the new black? Maybe when it comes to fashion but if you want to make your car stand out, black is still the color to beat.

Solid colors such as gray and white remain classic but only black can make your car look elegant, sporty or mysterious while staying classy all the way. Whether it’s jet black, metallic black or matte black, it is a color choice that has stood the test of time.

As Henry Ford once said, “You could have any color you wanted as long as it was black.”

2. Tint the Windows

Car owners initially tinted their windows to protect the passengers from the sun’s Ultra Violet (UV) rays.

But putting tint on the windows also discourages people from peeking in. If you want privacy; and who doesn’t in this age of social media and smart phones, tint the windows of your car.

The tint does not have to be midnight black. You can opt for a softer, lighter hue of black or perhaps ask for one-way tinting service. You may occasionally a few passers- by use your car windows to fix their hair or makeup!

Before deciding on adding tint to your windows, you should first check with local legislation if the city allows it.

3. Spruce it Up with Spoilers

Race cars use spoilers to increase their grip on the road. But if your last name isn’t “Andretti” or “Lewis” putting spoilers on your car has one specific purpose: to make it look sporty!

Spoilers give your car that powerful look associated with race cars. It is made of lightweight fiberglass or polyurethane. Some car technicians will tell you spoilers can improve the machine’s aerodynamic performance.

4. Use Portable GPS

Technology has made everything easier and more convenient, including driving. Never worry about getting lost by having a portable GPS installed in your car.

There are many types of portable GPS available in the market. You can download an app and set your smart phone up with a deck on your dashboard.

There are also dash mounted GPS models and high tech augmented reality display where you can see and hear directions without having to pick up your phone.

5. Juice Up Your Sound System

If there is one thing in your car that everyone will remember, it has to be your sound system. It doesn’t matter what your musical tastes are; a great sound system makes everything come alive.

Depending on your budget, there are different kinds of sound systems that you can find in the market. Look for one that suits your style, needs but won’t blow out your windshield.

If your budget will allow it, you can buy a car stereo with Bluetooth streaming capabilities. You can stream your personalized “Top 40” list to the receiver while making hands- free calls.

6. Chill with a Portable Ref

Don’t let the heat of the sun or the monotony of traffic get you down. Chill out by stocking up your favorite beverages in a portable refrigerator.

You can buy a portable refrigerator that will fit nicely in your car’s front and rear console. There are different units, sizes and brands that offer a variety of interesting features. You can store sandwiches, salads and compact meals so you will never go hungry on the road.

7. Customize Your Steering Wheel

Another popular item that is frequently customized is the steering wheel. As the component that is associated with the act of driving, giving your steering wheel its own look can set it apart from the others.

You can go with the classic leather- dressed steering wheel or embrace the technology out there with a unit that can diagnose your car and advise you of any potential trouble.

If you decided to go with the spoiler, why not go the whole nine yards and get a smaller- sized steering wheel that is standard for race car driving? A smaller- sized steering wheel allows you to precisely navigate sharp turns.

8. Time Out Traffic with TV

Traffic is one of the most tedious realities of everyday life. It is an inconvenience that everybody has to go through frequently during the week. But you can make it bearable by installing a portable TV in your car.

Portable car TV’s have been popular for the longest time. Most models are installed in the headrest and are the ideal travel partner. If you’re a wonderful host at home, make life on the road more bearable for your passengers by having a car TV available.

9. Give it a Skirt

If you’ve decided to go with the spoiler and custom race car steering wheel, complete the sporty ensemble by giving your ride a skirt.

Skirts are fiberglass extensions that make your car look bulkier and lower than it actually is. It can be fitted into the sides, front and rear areas of your car.

Similar to the spoiler, the function of the skirt is to improve road grip and aerodynamic performance. It also makes you look fast and furious.

10. Fit it with Rims and Mags

Cars typically come with hubcaps. They look pretty standard and are fine until some thief comes along and steals one off you.

An option is for you to fit your car with rims and mags. Not only will they give your car the look of a lean and mean machine, but it will make thieves think twice before stealing from you.

If you want to customize your car, be ready to shell out some money. But you don’t have to do everything all at once. Come up with a budget and figure out which improvements are more important.

Most of all, don’t forget to take care of your car. This means following the standard checklist for car maintenance and road safety.

Remember that image is not everything. Your car must be safe and road-worthy at all times. A finely-tuned car is an awesome machine!