Cutequeen 3600 Lumens Cree LED Spot Light: Extreme Brightness From 4 Small Devices

Bad visibility is one of the leading contributors to road accidents in the USA. There is a particular increase in such accidents in winter months. This is when visibility is limited through shorter days and longer nights. But also by an increase in rain, snow and fog.

These are all conditions that make for a dangerous driving environment, even with the standard lights built into your car or truck. But with LED light bars like the Cutequeen product on this page you can quickly and safely change those conditions.

Light bars come in many sizes, and the bigger they are the more visibility you will get. But a great alternative to one large bar is to install several smaller ones as it gives you a lot more flexibility with the direction of the light.

This Cutequeen Cree LED set of 4 small bars is an ideal solution whether you have a car, truck, off-road or rescue vehicle they will be a great addition for a much safer driving experience.

On this page, you’ll find out exactly what the features and benefits are and how easy it is install this very simple and affordable solution.

Keep reading and have your own one installed in a matter of days.

Quick Overview

As you can see from the images here that the Cutequeen product is actually a set of 4 small light bars. This makes it ideal to spread out the lights around your vehicle which in some cases will be the only way to get set up with powerful enough lighting.

Some truck with bull bars at the front will partially obscure the light of a long light bar behind it. But with a few smaller ones places on the front bumper and roof, you can quickly get the same amount of light, in a much more suitable way.

The Cree LEDs are extremely high-quality and will keep running for 50,000 hours. That’s more than 5 1/2 years of continuous running. For most normal uses these lights will likely outlive your vehicle.

The great thing about the Cree LEDs is that they have the perfect light temperature. We’ll go more into detail about this in a section below. But what you get is pure white light at 6000 to 6500 K. That reduces the amount of reflection you get from rain and snow and makes it a lot safer to use in such conditions.

The lenses are made from toughened glass. That means that even in off-road conditions you won’t find that they’ll easily damage from small flying debris. And with the aluminum housing and IP67 waterproofing you won’t have issues with rusting or water damage. Even in heavy snow and rain.

The only real downside is that the mounting brackets are stainless steel rather than aluminum as well, and you have to get the wiring harnesses extra. Just be aware of that when ordering.


  • Pack of four 6-inch light bars with 36W each
  • Cree LED quality for exceptionally good light
  • 50,000 hours of LED lifetime
  • Work in conditions from -40 to 85 Celsius
  • Lenses made of toughened glass to withstand debris
  • Housing made of cast aluminum which means it won’t rust
  • IP67 waterproof to stand up to tough weather


  • Wiring harness kit is an extra
  • Mounting bracket is made of steel not aluminum

Product Specifications

The Cutequeen LED lights are a fantastic product for many different types of uses. Obviously, attaching them to your car or truck is the most obvious thing to do. But they are very flexible in use due to the way they are designed and specs they have. We’ll look at the exact uses further down, but first we want to take a look at a few of the specs that really make this affordable product stand out.


The good thing is that this product comes with pure white LED spotlights. What that means is that the color and temperature of the light is ideal for avoiding reflection from water particles. To achieve this you have to go for a product that has 6000 to 6500 K light temperature as this is what physics determines as pure white light.

It has similar qualities to sunlight and means that you can see further in the dark. But more important is the fact that it reduces reflection of rain and snow. One of the worst colors for this is actually in the yellow range. This color has an extreme tendency to reflect and that will result in less not more visibility.

Pure white light can penetrate deep into rain, snow and even fog ahead. That means you can see further ahead to identify obstructions and other danger.


This set of Cree LED flood lights are nice and small at 6.5 inches. Each unit has 12 LEDs with 36 W. In total that’s 144W light output from a very small set of devices. The size is particularly ideal for attaching to small cars or ATVs where there is not much space to attach them.

But also for trucks and specialty off-road vehicles the small size can be a significant advantage. For example, if your truck has a bull bar attached to the front then it would partially block the light from one long set of lights.

Instead, you can strategically place the smaller lights along the bumper and roof. This means you get the full output and you have more control over the light beams.


Each LED spot light bar is made with cast aluminum for the housing. The housing is also tightly sealed to give a water resistance rating of IP67. That means it could be submerged in 1 foot of water for up to 30 minutes without starting to leak and ultimately get damaged.

For pretty much all rain and snow conditions that will be more than enough.

Aluminum also has the advantage of not rusting. That means no matter how harsh the conditions are, you won’t have to worry about it starting to disintegrate.

Now, the brackets are made with stainless steel. This is resistant to corrosion, but over time it will start to deteriorate a bit. If you really want to make this a long term set up to forget about, then it’s probably best to source some replacement brackets made with aluminum.

What’s In The Box?

Pretty much everything you need really, with the exception of the wiring harnesses (more on that below). You will need a few tools, but nothing you wouldn’t really already have in a DIY toolbox. There is some preparation needed on your vehicle, but it’s not an expert type installation. With a little bit of DIY skills you’ll be fine.

Here’s what you will get:

  • 4 LED light bars
  • 4 mounting brackets and bolts
  • 4 sets of bolts to attach the bars to the brackets
  • Installation and instruction manual

It’s important to note that the wiring harnesses are not included. Just make sure you add them to your basket before you check out. It would be very annoying to receive your box and not be able to fully install them immediately.

The harnesses themselves are cheap enough. But when comparing prices to other options on the market it’s always best to factor that in. What we’ve found though is that even with that extra expense this is a very competitive product.

Where Can You Use This Light Bar

Now you might think that the most obvious and possibly only use for Cree LED offroad lights would be limited to vehicles. But the great thing with this product is that with the voltage range you can hook it up anywhere really.

A lot of people install these in workshops, construction sites, mining operations and even just a backyard. Basically, anywhere you need some extra lighting, this will work amazingly well.

But even when it comes to marine use, you’ll not have any trouble getting these to work right. If you have a fishing boat or even just a small pleasure vessel then attaching these on a few sides will really help you navigate better. This is especially the case if you need to navigate rivers or lakes. The more you can see the safer your trip will be.

Vehicle Suitability?

The Cutequeen LED lights are extremely versatile. This is mainly down to the fact that they are individually very small. This might seem like downside but when you look at how many options you have to use them then it literally shines above all others.

You get as much light from these 4 small ones as from a mid-size 24-inch light bar. An example for suitability would be on a truck with a bull bar. You could attach two of the lights on the front bumper and then have 2 on the roof. There would be no light obstruction. And you can get them set up to provide a perfect light funnel.

ATV users will find this option particularly useful. The small size is ideal for limited spaces. And by placing a few of these around the vehicle you’ll get so much more light than any kind of built-in headlights will give you.

Jeeps and other off-road vehicles will really want something like a light bar attached. When you head into country side in the dark there will be obstacles in your way everywhere. It’ extremely important to be able to see far enough ahead to make sure the direction you’re heading in won’t cause you to get stranded.

Some might think that these 4 items could be too small. But what many people do is place these 4 on the roof and then add a full size 40-inch light bar on the front bumper. Combined you’ll have flood and search light style equipment.

Speaking of search light, these are perfectly suitable for attaching to rescue vehicles. That is the case for land and marine rescue where you could even mount them on a special rotating plate. By funneling all four into a tight beam you can see clearly for many hundreds of yards.

Even a motorcycle could have one of these attached without causing much of an obstruction. For safe cross country action, this would be an ideal solution.

Installation Info

The main downside of getting 4 Cutequeen LED lights is that you have to install four units. This is quickly 4 times the amount of work compared to getting one larger system set up.

The first thing you want to do is find someone to help you place and hold the lights on your vehicle. Try and figure out where they will look best and cause the least amount of obstruction. Then mark where you want them to go and to make the preparations.

Before you drill any holes, make sure you accurately measure. What might look like the correct placement is quickly going to look wrong if it’s off by a few inches.

Once the holes are in place you can attach the brackets and then the lights themselves. The trickier part will be getting them wired and aligned right. Don’t even bother trying to get the alignment right until you have them hooked up to the battery. The wiring harnesses are extra, and come with their own instructions. It’s not that difficult to do, but just be careful to follow the instructions.

Once you can turn on the lights, it’s time to head out in the dark and get them pointing in the correct direction. Figure out a point in the distance and then turn each one on individually. Adjust the higher and rotate them as needed until the light is sport on your target.

Once you’ve done this 4 times you will have a perfect light funnel onto one target. Alternative, you could point two straight ahead and one to each side. That would give you better awareness of what’s happening to the side of the road.


With all the above information, you should be in a perfect position to decide whether this LED spot light bar set is what will work best for you. You’ll get a huge amount extra light that you can direct to exactly where you want it.

If you’re car or truck setup is limiting you when it comes to installing a large light bar, then you might have thought you would end up blocking some of the light. But with this really simple solution of 4 smaller units you will get the full advantage of 3600 lumens and you have full control of the direction of the light beams.