EasyNew 20 Inch 120W Curved Led Light Bar Review: Light Up The Road Ahead And Avoid Becoming An Accident Statistic

Winter months in cold and snowy conditions bring a huge number of hazards for drivers. But even if you live in relatively mild winter conditions, longer nights will increase the amount of time you spend in poor visibility.

And poor visibility is the number 1 cause for accidents in the USA.

However, the solution to this issue is actually rather simple. While your vehicle will be equipped with headlights, and even fog lights, these don’t always provide enough light for all types of conditions. For example, imagine driving at night in snowfall in a rural area. Even in winter animals can quickly run out onto the road ahead. But your headlights only create a light funnel that goes straight ahead.

You would only see a danger approaching the road at the very last second. But if you can increase the range and angle of the light beam then you massively improve what you can see. And the more you can see around you, the quicker you can react to dangers.

And that means you don’t become an accident statistic.

By fitting an LED light bar to your vehicle, you can quickly solve this problem. Until recently these pieces of equipment were very expensive. But now EasyNew have introduced a very affordable option. And the best thing is that it doesn’t sacrifice on functionality.

Quick Overview

For those of you that have already done a fair bit of research we will present this quick overview section. It’s a quick summary of highlight features that will help you compare it to other products. At the same time, it covers all the important specifications that you need to know before you decide to buy.

First of all, the most obvious thing to mention is that it’s a curved LED light bar. That design is hugely beneficial if you regularly need it to cover a very wide angle around you. With 120W output giving 12000 lumens of brightness you will be surprised how much more visibility you gain.

With a pure white light, you can also make sure that rain, mist, snow and fog do not become a sudden wall in front of you. For example, light that is in the yellow and red spectrum will reflect off the ice and water particles. And that will actually reduce your visibility.

If you have some limited DIY skills then you won’t need any help with assembly. The instructions are simple and all the mounting brackets and wiring harness are included. If this is the first time you do this, then you should allow about 45 minutes to get it set up.

Finally, and very importantly, the entire unit comes with an IP68 water proof rating. That means it will withstand heavy rain and snow without causing any damage. And with an aluminum casing you also don’t have to worry about rust.


  • · 12000 lumen brightness for excellent illumination
  • Pure white light (6000k) is ideal for fog and other weather conditions
  • 50,000 hours of lifetime means years’ worth of usage
  • Wiring harness included so you’re ready to install
  • IP68 waterproof will stand up to serious rainfall and weather exposure
  • Easily switch between spot and flood light


  • Range of light beam is a bit limited when installed low on bumper
  • Roof installation is more difficult to avoid blinding others


Product Specifications

Now that you have the high-level info, let’s take a closer look at the specifications and what they mean.


There are a total of 40 3 Watt LED bulbs giving you a total of 120W. And because they are high intensity LEDs you will get a total of 12,000 lumens. But what does that mean? Well, a standard 60W household light bulb will emit about 800 lumens. Now imagine you 15 of those in a row all with their light beams funneled in one direction.

That should give you an idea how bright this kit actually is. But what’s equally important is the color of the light. This is measured in Kelvin and for this EasyNew model you get 6000K which is essentially pure white.

Why is this important?

This means that in fog, mist, rain and snow you will increase the amount of visibility to a maximum. A lower percentage of the light will reflect off the water and ice particles. And that means you get to see so much more.

Finally, the high-quality LEDs will give you about 50,000 hours of use. That’s about 5.7 years if you were to leave them on non-stop. And we doubt that will ever be the case.


This particular model is a 20 inch light bar which makes it suitable for a huge amount of vehicles. Even if you have an average to small size car, this can be fitted to the front bumper quite easily.

The size also makes it suitable for use on smaller vehicles like ATVs, forklifts and even small boats. Some customers also find it useful to fit to outdoor buildings and to light up a yard in winter time. It might be small, but that makes this very attractive to a lot of people.


This LED light bar is made from several different materials. First of all, there is a die cast aluminum casing. This is high-quality aluminum that ensures that the casing will never rust. It also makes it very strong and light at the same time.

Similarly, the brackets are also made of aluminum so you don’t have to worry about them rusting and eventually breaking apart.

Finally, the lens material is PC glass and that means it is tough enough to withstand knocks and debris. It’s not exactly bullet proof, and larger stones or rocks can damage it. But it will withstand regular road and off-road dirt and debris.

What’s In The Box?

Basically, everything you need is in the box:

  • 120W curved LED light bar
  • Wiring harness with relay and switch
  • 2 Mounting Brackets
  • Instructions

You will need a few tools like wrenches, etc. But what you need would generally be found in any DIY toolbox. If you have installed one of these before then it will likely be an easy process and all the parts will look familiar. However, you should take a quick look at the installations instructions first. Just case there are some unique steps to follow.

There is a wiring harness included. But if you are attaching this light bar to a large vehicle, or to the roof of a truck, then you might need to extend the cables. The standard length will likely not be enough for those cases.

You can pick up replacement or extensions very cheap online or in car accessory stores.

Suitable Uses For This Light Bar

Obviously, the main reason for installing a 20 inch rigid LED light bar is to provide more visibility. But this is not just restricted to when it is dark. You can also experience reduced visibility when there is heavy snow or mist and fog. A lot of drivers actually underestimate the effects during the day.

When you face such weather conditions, then additional light is what will make a huge difference. Rather than being faced with a wall of white you can penetrate through it and see obstacles or trouble a lot further ahead.

But that is only possible with the right type of light. If you had a set up with light in the yellow or red spectrum, then the majority of that light will just bounce off the water and ice particles. And that will actually reduce visibility. So, always make sure that you buy a device that is in the pure white spectrum.

Another very popular use for light bars is off-roading. Whether you do this in an SUV or ATV it can get real fun when it starts getting dark. Many off-road races are set up to take dusk and night time into account. And in those conditions, you don’t want to be with limited visibility.

The great thing with most of these devices is that you can quickly switch between wide angle and spot beam. If you need so see all around you then use the wide angle. And when you know there is a road ahead and you need to see as far as possible, then the spot beam will give you just that.

Installation Information

Even if you have installed a similar 20 inch light bar before, we highly recommend checking the installation instructions first. You don’t want to be half way through the installation process only to find out that you skipped or missed an important step.

This is especially the case for the wiring and battery connection. A mistake here can quickly burn out fuses and cause damage beyond repair.

The good thing is that this product comes with the mounting brackets included. That seems kind of obvious. But you’d be surprised about how many products require these as extras.

In order to get the mounting brackets in place you will need a couple of small holes on the body part they are being attached to. They have to be in very precise locations and distances from each other. So, make sure you measure twice and even three times to avoid an ugly mistake.

Once the holes are in place it’s quite easy to mount the light casing. The trickier part will be running the cables and the on off switch. Make sure you follow the instructions for attaching the cables. And then just find a convenient place for the switch.

What Vehicles Is It Suitable For?

Because of its size this EasyNew product is extremely flexible when it comes to uses. Here is a list of some of the most common uses:

  • Trucks and SUVs
  • ATV and UTV
  • Boats
  • Small family cars
  • Emergency response vehicles
  • Forklifts
  • Construction and mining machinery

The list could go on for a lot longer. But you probably get the picture that the small size makes it suitable for a lot of different vehicles.

Most commonly light bars are used for cars and trucks or SUVs. Especially if you live in an area with regular heavy snow or fog, or long dark winters. Generally, the best place to attach these is low to the ground on the bumper. This has two advantages.

Firstly, you will light up the road from directly in front of you, without casting any distracting shadows or creating dark spots. Secondly, and more importantly, this avoids blinding oncoming traffic. If it is attached high up on a roof then you would constantly have to turn it off when you see another vehicle coming towards you.

But it’s not just driving that can be made safer. The light can be fixed to buildings and stationary machinery. You can thereby provide almost daylight conditions in the darkest winter days. And the more lighting there is in places like construction or mining sites, the safer it is for staff to work.

Also, small fishing and pleasure boats can make navigating in the dark a lot easier. You could attach several of these to a boat to make sure you avoid coming in contact with obstacles even when it is pitch dark. The further ahead you can see the better the chances that you can stop or alter your course.

No matter where you decide to use your purchase, it will most certainly make your environment a lot safer for everyone.


For the majority of people a 20 inch LED light bar is going to be more than enough. Yes, you can go as far as 50 inches. But those are more geared towards emergency response or search and rescue vehicles.

For just some added safety in winter and darkness you will infinitely improve your visibility with this EasyNew product. It’s easy to install and very reasonably priced. It is one of those investments that just makes sense. Just imagine the extra costs of an accident, let alone any possible injuries.