EyourLife 52 Inch Curved Light Bar: Gain Huge Visibility With This Huge Cree LED Gadget

The Eyorlife 52in Curved LED Light Bar is ideal for adding bling to your car. Make your pride and joy look like something from The Fast & The Furious. This durable, stylish bar is perfect for SUVs, ATVs and Jeeps.

This light bar lights up your surroundings with a broad beam and spot beam. The lights are clear at night, and also super-bright during the day too. The beams are sure to turn heads, no matter what vehicle they are fitted to.

The universal fitment will suit a huge range of vehicles. And it doesn’t just add a great look. Adding more visibility in darkness, rain, snow and fog, also ensures that you reduce the risk of an accident.

With a waterproof and dustproof, corrosive resistant case, these lights are built to last. The bar has been thoroughly tested to cope with difficult conditions. You can depend on it to keep going and going for more than 50,000 hours.

On this page, you’ll find out exactly why it’s such a great addition to your vehicle.

Quick Overview

This light bar has a lot to offer for the average motorist or trucker. If you are the sort of person who changes vehicles every couple of years, you will love it. You can mount it, remove it, and move it time and time again.

It is hard to find a light bar that will fit as many different vehicles as this one does. The price point puts it squarely in the budget market, but it is as reliable as many that are five times the price.


  • 60 Degree Flood Beam: The wide flood beam offers bright lighting for the surrounding area. You can be sure that people will notice it too!
  • 30 Degree Spot Beam: The focused spot beam provides a clear view ahead no matter how poor visibility is due to weather conditions.
  • ​Waterproof and Dust Proof: What good is lighting if it's usable only on clean roads? You can take this to the beachfront or offroad and it will still run well. The PC lenses are super-tough, and dust resistant too.
  • ​Anti Corrosion: Fit these with confidence that they will survive the winter. The corrosion-resistant casing will ensure that the bar lasts for years.
  • ​Universal Fitment: Whatever you're driving - on road or off, you can fit this light bar. The bar is easy to attach to trucks, mining vehicles, off-road vehicles, ATVs, and more.
  • ​Simple bolts: Fitting the bar is as simple as drilling in brackets and then securing them with bolts. The fitting procedure is incredibly easy.
  • 6000K Color Temperature: These LEDs produce a clear, strong white glow. You will be able to see the road ahead even in fog.
  • ​Channel Mounting: The channel mounting is incredibly convenient. It allows you to put the brackets in the most convenient spot for your vehicle.
  • ​Delicate Design: A soft, curved design offers a bigger viewing area. This is a sleek, great looking bar.
  • Wide range for operating voltages: Because the voltage ranges from 10-30V DC, the bar can connect to many vehicles. The lights will run on a ATVs, cars or trucks with ease.


  • Delicate, Curved Design: The curved design suits many vehicles, but some may prefer something a little more industrial looking.
  • You Need to Fit it Yourself: The bar is easy to fit for most mod enthusiasts, but some knowledge is required.
  • No relay or wiring harness: The kit is low cost, but you will need to provide your own for fitting.

Detailed Product Specifications

The light bar features 100 x 3W LED lights, which offer strong illumination, with a spot beam of 30 degrees and a flood beam of 60 degrees. The lights have a color temperature of 6000K and will work in most environments.

Some people criticize the color because it causes night fatigue. This is a matter of personal preference. There are many drivers who have no issue with it. And you have to decide whether better visibility is not the safer option.

It is important to understand the difference between LED and Halogen Lights. Halogen lights with a color temperature of >4200K have a blue tinge to them. LED lights do not suffer from this problem. And the whiter the light is the less it will reflect of rain, snow and fog.

The operating voltage of the bar is 10-30V DC. This means it can be powered by many different kinds of battery. It is easy to fit and to use with most kinds of vehicles - even smaller off-road ones.

The IP 68 design offers good air flow and heat dispersion with minimal intrusion. This means that the lights will last for much longer because they're protected from water. You can expect to get more than 50,000 hours out of them, in any conditions.

Many bars, even more expensive ones, have an IP of just 67. While this is good enough for most circumstances, it won't hold up on a dusty construction site or in lots of rain exposure. This light bar is tough enough to handle almost anything.

The solid optical-clear lens is dust resistant and waterproof as well. This allows you to drive confidently and safely in most conditions. Many light modifications are not designed for off-road use; this one is.

The bar is made from 6063 raw aluminum alloy. This material is the perfect option as it will not rust or corrode. It’s also very stiff and light at the same time. The mounting bracket is made from stainless steel to resist corrosion.

This particular option is the largest 52 inch long one. It’s ideal if you really to get the most visibility possible. There are smaller ones available too, and you can find more details about them on this website as well.

What's In The box

The box comes with the bar, bolts and brackets, but is otherwise relatively bare-bones. Eyourlife do not provide a custom mount. They rely on the channel design so you place the brackets yourself.

After installing the brackets, simply slide the bar over the brackets, and then clamp them using the provided volts.

You will need to provide your own relay and harness for the wiring. This would be a notable oversight for a more expensive bar. However, given the price, this is something that it is possible to accept.

Installation Instructions

The Eyourlife LED Light Bar comes with convenient mounting brackets that can be used anywhere. If you do not wish to purchase custom brackets, these universal brackets will do the job. Simply attach the brackets to your car and slide the light bar over them.

Once the bar is in place, secure the brackets using the bolts which were included in the package. The bar will stay in place as long as the brackets are securely tightened. Make sure that any holes used to mount the bracket are sealed with a waterproof sealant.

Next, it is time to run the wiring. Make sure that this is done properly. Resist the temptation to run the wiring through the door jam.

To fit the wiring, you want to take advantage of any cable channels that exist. Run the wiring along other cables into the cab of the vehicle. This ensures that the wire doesn't have to travel a long way, and will not get damaged by other parts.

You will need a relay to connect the wiring to the battery. This can be purchased separately. If you are not confident with working with wiring this, consult an expert.

The bar can be fitted to any vehicle, or other voltage source, that can put out between 10 and 30 Volts. This gives you a lot of flexibility with it.

Most people should be able to fit a light bar by themselves. The job is one that can be done by a beginner if they give themselves time to work. It is an ideal learning experience.

Installing the Eyourlife Bar is surprisingly easy. Removal is easy too, and once the bracket holes are filled in the car or truck is as good as new.

Suitable Uses

There are many potential uses for this light bar. Most people fit them to trucks. They can also be fitted to 4x4s, cars, and ATVs, or even used in stationary settings

They are ideal for off-road use, where you need visibility. Another popular use is on boats to help you navigate rivers and lakes. In addition, they can be useful for clear sight on a construction site.

The universal mounting means that the bars can be attached to almost any vehicle. The Cree 52 inch light bar is perfect for bigger vehicles and there are smaller bars available as well. If you’re having trouble to figure out if it will fit, then maybe it’s better to go for a smaller option.

Because the bar is so durable, with such a high IP rating, it can be used in any conditions. Construction sites, mines, and other outdoor environments can damage less highly rated bars. It is hard to find one as affordable, that is so durable.

Some reviewers criticize the standard mounting because of its appearance. If you are looking for something rugged, then you will find that the mounting is suitable. It is easy to use custom mounts for a more stylish appearance.

Those who spend a lot of time on the road should test the lights before a long drive. Try to test them in the conditions that you would usually drive. Remember that driving at night is harder than during the day.

Clear vision is essential for road safety. The good spot lights and flood beams will help you see the road ahead and to the sides as well. Remember, though, that lighting does not make up for tiredness.

If you are feeling tired on the road, rest.

Unusual Uses - Hidden Bars

One interesting option for this light bar is to make it a hidden bar. Forward mounted auxiliary lighting is popular, and common. Why would you want to hide it?

Security is the main reason for hiding a light bar. Externally mounted bars can be stolen easily: cut the wires, loosen the bolts, and walk away. High security bolts can slow thieves down, but are not perfect.

For those leaving a vehicle outside, theft is always a concern. Hiding the bar makes it less noticeable, which stops opportunistic theft. In addition, even determined thieves would have to work hard to take a concealed bar.

Hidden bars don't attract attention. This means that your vehicle overall is more likely to be overlooked. An understated rig is less likely to be targeted for vandalism or damage than a flashy one.

Concealed bars are not only protected from theft, they are protected from environmental damage. An IP68 rated bar is unlikely to be damaged by a bit of dust or dirt, but why risk it? If the bar is concealed, it should last even longer.

Curved bars offer good area illumination. Concealing them will make them last for even longer than a roof mounted bar.


This light bar is well worth the price. It is quiet when mounted, even when driving at 60mph. The ease of fitting, and brightness make it well worth a look.

If you are looking for an affordable light bar, this is a good choice. There are some areas where the low cost is evident but these are easily remedied. The build quality is good for the price.

With the EyourLife bar, you get good spot and flood lighting. The IP rating is impressive, and the bar is durable. Even when compared with higher-end bars, the quality still clearly shines through.

For some, the 'one size fits all' design may be a letdown. There is no guarantee that it will fit like a glove on whatever you mount it to. For others, however, having the option to take the bar to another vehicle is a boon.

With a little creativity, this light bar should look good on anything. If the stock brackets are not good looking enough for you, custom ones could make the bar look good again. And you’ll have peace of mind that it’s a waterproof led light bar. It’s a cheap 52 inch light bar packed with features.