Eyourlife 42″ LED Driving Lights: Automotive Headlights For Essential On And Off Road Safety

Whether you want to prepare for dark winter months or just prepare for heavy rain and fog, improving visibility on the road is always a good idea. One of the largest causes of accidents in the USA is poor visibility. And if you don’t want to become an accident statistic then we have some excellent advice for you here.

While your car or truck does have headlights and high beams, those are often not enough to provide the best possible vision. If it’s just dark then you might just want to see further ahead. Maybe to see large animals before it’s too late.

And when there is heavy rain snow or fog, the water particles in the air can cause big problems. You could end up at a crawling speed and still struggle to see the road ahead.

With LED driving lights, you can make a huge improvement in these situations. They are simple to install, and can be turned on with the flick of a switch. In an instant, you can see further through the dark or even fog.

For some of the brightest possible solutions you will want to invest in a 42 inch light bar. Normally these could run into the hundreds of Dollars. But on this page, you will find a very affordable solution in the Eyourlife 42” bar.

Keep reading and find out how big a difference this will make.

Quick Overview

The Eyourlife 42” model is one of the most powerful ones available. The only larger non-commercial products are usually 52 inches. But in that range, you often struggle to find the space on smaller vehicles to install them.

With the 42-inch size you won’t have much trouble getting it installed to the majority of vehicles, including smaller ATVs (more on suitable vehicles further down).

This model has a total of 80 LED bulbs with 3 Watt each. That’s a total of 240W from a very sleek add-on. You will be able to see so much further than with your regular headlights. And that will make driving in tough conditions a lot safer.

You also have the option to switch between flood light at a 60-degree angle or spot light at 30 degrees. That allows you to focus the beam straight ahead when you want to see even further. The wider angle setting will help you see more of what’s coming from the side. This is helpful to see animals approach a road before you’re in danger of hitting them.

Installation is pretty simple. It includes mounting brackets and you can have it attached and connected in about 45 minutes. Even if you have never done this before. The connection requires from 10 to 32 Volt source, which covers a very wide range of vehicles. That includes SUVs, 4x4s, trucks, boats, ATVs and many other.

Now it’s likely that you’ll need to use it in some pretty harsh conditions. To make sure it doesn’t start falling apart in the first storm you will be happy to know that it’s IP68 water proof. That is a standard designation and means that you could even put it in water for 30 minutes.

Add to that the fact that the casing and brackets are made from aluminum, and you can be sure it won’t start rusting either.

The only main downsides are that the connection cable is a bit short and at higher speeds you can get a lot of noise from the airflow. Still, it’s worth every penny and at this price range you won’t get much better.


  • 80 LED bulbs provide a huge 240W output for excellent vision
  • 60-degree flood beam or 30-degree sport beam for excellent flexibility
  • ​IP68 waterproof means it will stand up to all kinds of weather
  • Require 10 to 32 Volt source with DC output, making it highly compatible
  • Aluminum shell and brackets mean it won’t rust


  • Disrupted airflow can cause a lot of noise at higher speeds
  • Connection cable is a bit short and you may need to extend it

Product Specifications

When it comes to off-road LED light bar options there are few things you always need. You want powerful light, durable design and the peace of mind that it will be reliable. At the 42-inch range that usually means spending big bucks.

But somehow Eyourlife have totally revolutionized an industry. You won’t believe how good value this product is. It will be almost too good to be left behind. You could even pick some up for your family.

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights of this product.


It is certainly up there with the brightest LED light bar options out there. It can fully compete with high-end products and in some cases actually performs better. You can easily switch between flood light and spot light.

Flood light is ideal for lighting up the road ahead and each side of it as well. That way you can see things happening that are not just on the road. In spotlight mode, it will focus the beam straight ahead on the road. As a result, you can see up to 500 yards ahead if there is no rain or fog.

That additional visibility will help you to see more in bad conditions. And that always helps to avoid bad things ahead.


The light bar itself is 42 inches long, just over 1-inch deep and about 2 inches high. You do have to allow for the brackets though. So, before you buy this, just make sure you have about 43 inches of space on your bumper.

Adjustments And Usage

You can use this bar for all types of vehicles. Even a standard family car can benefit from the added visibility. But where it really becomes an important addition is for use as off-road lights. When you head off-road then you have to be able to see what’s ahead. You don’t want to head somewhere that you could end up in trouble and find difficult to get out of.

We already mentioned the spot and wide beam features and these are equally important when you’re in the wild.


These LED headlights are made with an aluminum shall casing and brackets. This material will not rust. It has the added benefit that it is light and very robust. That means you won’t be adding a huge weight to your bumper that could cause damage.

The lenses are made from toughened glass to withstand dirt, dust, weather and smaller stones. It’ll probably not stand up against rocks, especially at speed. But you’d want to throw some heavy stuff at it to do damage.

What’s In The Box?

Not a whole lot is the answer. But it does contain all the important things:

  1. Eyourlife 42-inch light bar
  2. mounting brackets
  3. Bolts for attaching to your car
  4. Instruction and installation manual

Essentially that is all you need. There is even an Allen key in the right size. You may need to drill some holes in place to allow you to attach it to your vehicle. And you may have to consider buying a cable extension. This is a bit annoying, but it will be enough for most small to mid-size cars and trucks.

Information About The Manufacturer

It’s quite likely that you’ve heard of Eyourlife, as they are not a brand-new company. They were established in 2005 and are located in China. Yes, you will be buying an imported product, but you get excellent workmanship at a very reasonable price.

Based in Shanghai the company specializes in lighting products using LED bulbs. This includes off-road lights for jeeps and trucks, as well as ATVs. But also household and commercial lighting. Whether you need a small light for emergency use at home or you need some floodlights for a construction or mining site. You’ll find a solution that will help your situation.

With their track record of more than 10 years you will be buying products that have been well researched and developed. And they have gone through multiple cycles of improvement to give you excellent results.

Suitable Uses For This Light Bar

The great thing about light bars is that you can install them practically anywhere. As long you have a solid structure to attach them to they will work fine. In this section, we’ll give you some ideas of where you could use them.

Your initial reaction is probably to just install it on your car or truck. Maybe you have a proper off-road vehicle. But most likely it is for driving in darkness or bad weather conditions. These are all great uses, and once you have used it for a while you’ll probably get all your friends and family to do the same.

All you really need is a long enough flat space where you can attach the brackets and bar. On vehicles, this is generally recommended to be the front bumper. This is low to the ground and avoid blinding oncoming traffic.

You can also use them as an ATV led light bar. Here you’re more likely going to attach it higher up on the frame or even on a roof or roll bar. This keep it away from most of the direct impacts that you can get.

But you can also use them on boats. If you like to go fishing then you often head out early in the morning when it’s dark. On the open sea, you’re probably not to concerned with seeing far ahead. But if you head onto a river or lake, then more visibility is always a good thing.

What a lot of people also use them for is workshops, construction or mining sites. Basically, anywhere that you need a lot of light, you’ll be able to get it with one of these bars. They can be easily attached anywhere. And you could even build a simple frame that can be moved around. It really is that flexible.

Installation Information

To install the LED headlights, you don’t really need much skill. First of all, you need to make sure that you measure twice to see where the brackets need to be mounted. You can do this with the help of a second person. Connect the brackets to the bar so that they are not falling around. Then place the entire unit in the place you want it.

At this stage, it’s also important to center the unit. This gives the best results and makes it look better.

You will need to drill some holes in place so that the brackets can be attached. This would be quite a simple job once you have marked the right location. Then it’s just a case of bolting the brackets in place and making sure that there is nothing lose.

The trickier part is the wiring. Fortunately, the instructions are very clear. First, make sure that the wire is long enough. On most small to mid-size vehicles this will be the case.

Once the wires are attached to the battery you are almost good to go. It’s then just a case of getting the switch installed somewhere convenient. This is for turning it on and off and switching between flood and spot beam mode.


LED headlights are amazing feature you can add in a matter of minutes. The added safety they will provide you is huge. You will no longer be at risk of hitting something in the dark or rain or snow. Just because it’s too far away. When you can see things much further ahead, then there is far less chance of being surprised by trouble.

LED lights for trucks and cars all work the same. You just need to decide what size will work best for you. And because products like this Eyourlife one have become so affordable you won’t be struggling with a decision. You can still get a large bar with lots of power and not spend a fortune.