5 Best Green LED Light Bar Reviews: Perfect Solution For Hunting And Fishing Trips

The majority of light bars on the market a pure white light models that are mainly used for better visibility. They work exceptionally well in dark, rainy, foggy and snowy driving conditions. But pure white light is not an ideal solution for many other situations.

For oncoming drivers and animals, it’s going to be very blinding. So, it wouldn’t be ideal for use as a warning or hazard light. Similarly, if you’re heading on a hunting trip, the white light will scare off animals and make it a far more difficult task.

This is where green light comes into play.

It is the ideal solution to provide great visibility while not having a blinding effect or scaring away prey. But you mind be finding it difficult to locate a suitable set of lights. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the ideal device that will make a huge difference.

We have located 5 different models that all work in very unique ways. You can choose to combine them or just use them individually. No matter what type of vehicle you have, these will fit perfectly. So just keep reading and pick a green LED bar that suits your budget.

Our Top 10 Best Green LED Light Bar Recommendations

1 - XKGlow Green 10 inch LED Light Bar: Ideal For All Types Of Vehicles

The XKGlow are perfect green LED lights for ATV and other off-road vehicles. The small size means they will fit practically anywhere, but the best place for them is on the front bumper. Alternative you can place them on the top roll bar to get a little bit of height on the light beam.

The green light is perfect for hunting as it doesn’t glare and scare away animals. But you can also use it for fishing trips when you head out early in the morning. For the majority of fish, it will not be blinding as would happen if you just lit up a torch or lantern.

Because you’ll be out in all types of weather you have to be certain that it won’t break down easily just because it’s raining. With an IP67 rating it will keep the bulbs and internal wiring protected even in torrential rain. And because the casing is made with aluminum alloy you won’t have to worry about any rust or corrosion.

Unlike many other options on the market, this one allows you to switch between flood and spot beam. And you can even combine the two. This helps you focus on specific areas while out on a hunt.

The only downside is that you don’t get a full wiring harness kit, which you should add to your order before checking out.


  • 10-inch bar with green LEDs ideal for hunting and fishing trips
  • IP67 water and dustproof to stand up to tough weather conditions
  • ​Easily switch between flood, spot and combo light beam
  • ​Heavy duty aluminum housing for rust proof durability
  • 12 to 24 Volt range for more flexibility with different vehicles


  • Wiring harness not included, so make sure you add one at checkout
  • Flood light could be a bit wider

2 - Kaper II Hunting Light: Great Compact Design

If you’re looking for green LED off-road lights, but you have limited space available on your vehicle, then this Kaper is going to be the perfect choice. At just 8 inches wide it will fit on practically any vehicle. And you can easily slot it into front bumper bars. It will only require one mounting bracket which helps with the installation process.

Another option is to have two of them attached to the top roll bars so that you can get a wider range of view. Many hunters will have then angled so that you can get an enhanced range ahead to increase your chances.

The 6 LED bulbs are excellent quality and aligned in one row. This gives it a very small height profile helping you make it easier to find the right place to install it. Despite just having 6 bulbs you’ll be able to light up an area about 60 yards ahead. That is plenty for most hunting situations.

To avoid having to detach it in bad weather you’ll be glad to know that it’s fully IP 67 waterproof certified. And with the aluminum housing you won’t have to worry about corrosion or rust. No matter how bad the weather gets, you won’t have to worry about your lights letting you down.

The only downsides are that the mounting brackets are not aluminum, but stainless steel. Not a bad material, but just not as good as full aluminum setup. And you’ll need to add a wiring harness to your basket as well.


  • 8-inch model with single mounting bracket
  • Easy to adjust direction of light beam
  • ​6 LED bulbs designed in single row to reduce the profile
  • ​Aluminum casing is light, durable and rust proof
  • IP 67 water proof rating


  • Mounting hardware is only stainless steel
  • Wiring harness not included

3 - Rigidhorse 22" 180W: Dual Color Light Bar For Great Flexibility

What can often happen is that you end up driving in the dark, rain or snow while heading out hunting. In that case you would need one set of lights ford riving and another for hunting. Having two sets of lights is certainly an option, but there is a better choice to make.

With this Rigidhorse light bar you have the ability to switch between green and white light so that you don’t have to install two separate devices. That saves you a ton of money and will take up far less space on your vehicle.

You also get a huge 180W output so that you can light up very large areas ahead to increase your chances of finding prey. Sometimes you might also want to focus the light on a different area, and that can easy be done by adjusting the angle.

To ease your mind in tough winter conditions you’ll be happy to know that it’s fully IP67 compliant. That means it will not get damaged or fog up even in very heavy rain and snow conditions. Combined with the aluminum housing you’ll also be safe to assume that it will never rust or corrode.

The only downside is that the white light isn’t really pure white, so you could end up with some reflections off water droplets. And don’t forget to add a wiring harness and ideally remote-control switches.


  • Huge 180W output to light up large areas
  • Easily switch between white and green light beam
  • ​Angle can be easily adjusted to get the perfect setup
  • ​Full aluminum mounting hardware is included
  • Aluminum housing is IP67 water proof


  • No wiring harness included
  • White light is not pure white

4 - Kaper II L16: Mini Size For Multi Direction Setup

The main issue with larger light bars is that you get only one area or direction lit up. And having two or more such large lights attached becomes expensive and draws a lot of power from your battery. If you want a very price setup in multiple directions then several smaller lights is the ideal solution.

With this Kaper device you can easily attach4 or more lights and have them pointing in different directions. This gives you a huge search area when you’re on a hunting trip. And the brackets are designed to make it very easy to adjust the direction of the light.

The total size is 5 inches wide with two rows of 3 LED bulbs. The great things with the LEDs is that they draw very little energy. That means you can switch off the engine for periods of time without worrying about not being able to start it up again.

Despite the tiny size you’ll be able to light up an area about 200 feet out. Imagine being able to light up 180 degrees around you up to 200 feet. That will increase your chances of finding the right prey on any hunting trip.

With an IP67 waterproof rating you won’t need to worry about water damage from rain or snow. And with an aluminum housing it won’t rust or corrode. The only real downside is that the mounting bracket is made of stainless steel.


  • Aluminum housing is durable and rust proof
  • 5-inch size makes it ideal for multiple devices pointing in different directions
  • ​Green light shines up to 200 feet
  • ​Low energy use won’t drain batteries
  • IP 67 water proof design stands up to tough weather


  • Wiring harness not included
  • Mounting bracket is stainless steel not aluminum

5 - Condor TIR: Emergency Lighting For Better Visibility

In case you’re looking for emergency lighting rather than for hunting, then this Condor product is ideal. It’s available in lots of different color, but we’re focusing in on the green ones here.

There are a total of 15 different selectable flash patterns that you can easily switch between. This is ideal for all types of weather and emergency situations. There is also the option to switch between front back and combined light flashing. The only downside here is that you have to turn the lights on first, before you can choose the setting you like.

These are ideal green LED lights for trucks, recovery and emergency vehicles. They are very bright and noticeable, but the green color means that it’s not overly blinding. They are designed in a very low-profile way so you don’t end up with a bulky device to have to store.

The energy usage is very low thanks to the built-in LED bulbs. These draw very little power from the battery so you won’t have to worry about draining it too much.

Getting them set up is very easy as they don’t require any mounting screws. Simply attach the entire unit to a metal surface and the magnets will take care of staying in place. The downside here is that the magnets could be a bit stronger if you plan to have it attached for longer periods of time.


  • 15 different selectable flash patterns
  • Aluminum housing for durable usage
  • ​Low profile design so it doesn’t stand out too much
  • ​Very low power use, so it won’t drain the battery
  • Mounting doesn’t require drilling of holes


  • Switching between front and back lighting is not that easy
  • Magnets could be a bit stronger.

What Features You Need To Focus On


The strength of the light essentially will determine how much of an area you can light up. However, the majority of standard LED bulbs will only give about 3 Watt output. That means that you need more bulbs and very good lenses and reflective mirrors to focus the light into one area.


The overall size of the unit is dependent on how many bulbs you need or want. The more bulbs, the brighter the light. Generally speaking you’re better off with two smaller ones, than one large one. This gives you much more flexibility to light up multiple areas.


Green LED light bars are most commonly used for hunting and fishing trips. The reason is that they don’t blind animals and cause them to run away. On hunting trips this can be a very cheap solution to avoid having to invest in very expensive night vision gear.

But you can also use them for emergency and warning lighting on vehicles of all kind. The light is bright but not blinding so you can easily warn motorists of danger without causing additional danger.


The above light bar solutions are all ideal for uses on all types of vehicles. They are small and compact and easy to install. With just a bit of DIY skills you can be fully set up and ready for a more successful hunting trip. Once you used them once you’ll never go back.