LAMPHUS SolarBlast LED Light Bar Review

LAMPHUS SolarBlast LED Light Bar

Finding LED bars that are affordable, durable, bright, and long-lasting can seem nearly impossible. But not anymore. This bar screams quality, and you’ll notice that pretty quickly.

If your current bargain LED bar isn’t cutting it on dark roads or trails, no worries. The LAMPHUS SolarBlast is sure to get the job done.

Created by Lamphus, this bar is part of its SolarBlast series. Equipped with its unique SolarBlast™ optic lenses, it produces a night-shattering glow seen from hundreds of yards away.

The product in itself consists of 34 one-watt LED lights enclosed in a torture-proof polycarbonate housing providing 360 degrees of light output. Weighing in at merely 8 pounds, it’s a midweight panel. The size of it doesn’t make it look like much, but don’t let appearances fool you. The output on this panel is impressive.

As for specific product dimensions, they are 17.4 x 8.6 x 2.5 inches. This makes the LAMPHUS SolarBlast LED very easy to carry around and mount on the vehicle.

So let’s dive into specifics.

Product Features & Specifications:

When it comes to mounting, this product is actually very hard to beat. It comes with two types of mounting options: Magnets and permanent mounting. First, let’s discuss the magnets. These are not your ordinary magnetic attachments. Definitely not. The first thing that will strike you with the LAMPHUS SolarBlast LED bar is the power that is packed in these.

  • 34 high-intensity LED-lights with wide optic lenses
  • 30 different flash patterns
  • Last pattern recall
  • Instant steady on-function
  • Magnetic as well as permanent mounting accessories
  • 12 feet straight cord
  • Heavy duty cigarette lighter plug (12V)
  • Durable polycarbonate housing and base
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17.4 x 8.6 x 2.5 inches

The product comes with a magnet mounting accessories pack of four magnets, and these are more than enough to attach this panel to any metallic surface. Be careful. Seriously.


Together, these four beasts work to produce 100 pounds of pull. The downside here is that the magnets do not come with any coating. So, if you want to prevent them from touching — and potentially scratching — your roof, you should consider putting some form of fabric in between.

And no, with the force packed inside this quartet, a little bit of fabric won’t make a difference.

You might want to do this solely because the magnets can be somewhat difficult to remove. Some fabric in between them and the roof of your car could help you remove them safely if needed.

But, if that doesn’t convince you, there are also permanent mounting accessories included.

With that said, if you don’t feel like drilling into the roof of your car, you can rest assured that the magnets will do the trick and keep it in place — even at high speeds.

Aside from the magnets, the lights are what make it stand out. It contains 34 one watt bulbs that circle the panel, providing 360-degree output. According to our tests, the lights themselves produce a bright, distinguishable light that is clearly seen from afar.

And for those who are looking for variation, this bar provides it. It features 30 different flash patterns in simultaneous, alternating, and rotating sequences. All of the sequences available in various flash rates.

It also comes with an instant steady on feature that is activated by holding the momentary switch for longer than 5 seconds. If this isn’t enough, it even provides synchronization between multiple units, including most Lamphus SolarBlast™ strobe lights.

All of these are housed in a removable polycarbonate housing. That gives the entire panel a robust feel. It is 100% rainproof, and it won’t give you any trouble during wet weather conditions. When it comes to electric installation, this bar comes with a 12 feet long straight cord with heavy duty cigarette plug. All in all, this gives the bar a very sturdy and reliable feel.

Should you, however, experience any problems with this bar, each purchase is accompanied with a 1-year warranty. So if you experience any issues within the first year, simply exercise your warranty and have it replaced.

In summary: We have a bar with beastly magnets, solid brightness, and wide flash variations.

Who might this suit the best?

Is the LAMPHUS SolarBlast a Perfect Fit?

It’s a perfect fit for anyone looking for a powerful quality, panel that gives off a great light output. With its resistance to snow and rain, you can use this for snowploughing or working in other harsh weather conditions.

But even if it’s used during the daytime, these lights will make your vehicle visible from far away. It comes in 10 different color variations and combinations, making it suitable for a broad range of uses. And LAMPHUS’ penchant for only using the highest quality components won’t leave you disappointed.


Being priced under $200, it makes a great purchase for small business owners and others who lack the deep pockets of more established institutions. This can include tow truck companies, landscaping businesses or security patrol vehicles. But it’s also a stellar bar for lighting accident or breakdown scenes. The brightness is sure to alert other drivers to trouble ahead.

The downside is that this bar might be difficult to move between vehicles due to its strong mount. If we factor in the magnets’ strength, removing the bar will require some force. But if that doesn’t deter you, it is a mobile product.


  • Great product under $200. Use for any private or emergency application.
  • Strong magnets will withstand high speeds or being hit by branches.
  • Firm mount ensures that the bar is stable — but perhaps best used on one vehicle

All in all, how do you if know this bar is for you or not?

Our Final Verdict

If you have hesitated to add a light bar because of either cost or concerns about reliability, then look no further. The LAMPHUS SolarBlast LED Light Bar has answered your prayers. It has some strong magnets and multiple attachments this is essential with every light bar. You have over 30 different lighting patterns which are very popular amongst users. Overall, this is a very powerful system which gives you great value for money. This light bar should be a serious contender for you.