LED Light Bars: Life Savers When Driving In Fog

Hitting the road early in the morning and coming home late just before the sun is about to rise are a part of many normal Americans who work hard to take care of their beloved family. In these early hours of the day, fog is the common enemy for a driver regardless of how experienced you are. Weather is unpredictable. But you can be safer driving in a foggy condition just by using an LED light bar.

Driving in fog is one of the most dangerous conditions for any driver. This is because of low visibility on the road. The denser the fog, the less distance you can see ahead on the road. If the fog is combined with other hazardous weather conditions such as snow or ice, the danger multiplies.

In this article, you will find extensive information about the dangers of driving in fog. This includes statistics and the effects that fog has on perception. The best solution is to install an LED fog light bar, as this will light up more of the road ahead. And the more you can see the safer you will be in tough conditions.

Perception Of Speed

Furthermore, fog also tricks your eyes into thinking that objects are moving slower than their actual speed. And when it is dense, you are not able to see objects clearly. That leads to inaccuracy of the speed perception. This is down to the human brain making decisions based on relation to surrounding objects.

The Dangers

Another dangerous aspect of driving in fog is you are not able to see everything that could be on the road. A tiny bump may not cause you a big trouble and throw you off the road. What about an object or a big pothole that could possibly blow your tire? You may lose control and your car might fly off the road.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, every year on average, there are 28,533 fog related accidents. These result in an average of 495 fatalities and 10,448 injuries.

All of these deaths and injuries could have been avoided if the drivers were not blinded and tricked by the fog. You do not want to become one of the people in the statistics above and the best way to save yourself from the danger of fog is the use of an LED light bar.

What Are Fog Lights?

Some people dismiss these as completely unnecessary, as they have head lights. But there is a fundamental difference.

The job of head lamps is to illuminate the road so you can see and drive at night. They should be on at all times when you are driving in the dark. The job of fog lights is to help you see when the weather condition around you is foggy. However, not all fog lights are made equally. And the best type to use is LED light bars instead of other universal lights.

LED: The Best Option

Why are LED light bars are preferred instead of other universal fog lights? Such as amber fog lights and the standard fog lights that may have come equipped with your car? What makes them safer than the others?

You are going to see below.

Amber fog lights (yellow fog lights) are what you may have seen on some vehicles. However, they are not very safe and their effectiveness is low compared to LED light.

Most amber fog lights which admit yellow light are in fact just a white light bulb coated with a layer of yellow filter on the outside. This does not do any good rather than reducing the power of the light beams. 30 percent of the light’s power is reflected back as it hits the yellow coating. This means, you only get 70 percent of the full capacity.

LED fog lights, on the other hand, provide you with a full capacity because there is no need to add a filter over a light bulb that admits white light to make the beams any whiter. As a result, you get the full power of what you paid for. When it comes to power, they are the winners over amber lights.

Why Light Color Matters

Now, let's make an exploration in the field of Physics. Within the color spectrum, white light is able to reflect all other colors. This is why you can see all colors of the color spectrum on a rainbow because white is the natural color of light.

The yellow light is bad news when it comes to fog lights. Yellow does not have a wide range of spectrum like white. It does not reflect all colors. And the colors that get reflected in your eyes under a yellow light always appear to be dimmer. A lot dimmer than those that are reflected back in your eyes under white light.

The color that appears to be hidden the most under the yellow light of amber fog lights is red. If you look at a red object under a yellow light, you can see that it turns black. Black is the color of the night and when it is dark, you surely do not want to miss those red stop signs or the red car in front of you. And especially not one that is coming on the opposite side of the road.

Every light has a different wave length and depend on the wave length you see each light in a distinctive color. White light has a shorter wave length than yellow light in the color spectrum. That makes it reflect information about colors back to your brain faster. You may not see it because you cannot see as fast as the speed of light. However, this information is absorbed by your eyes and brain.

Advantages Of Light Bars

The second thing for discussion in this article is why you should choose light bars. And why are they better than the standard separated bulbs you may have seen equipped on most cars that come with fog lamps. The shape and size of a light does make a huge difference. On a foggy road, you surely want the best protection for your life and your family.

Now, let's play a fun game with your imagination to see how size does matter when it comes to fog lights. Imagine you have two triangles equal in size. And you put 50 percent of one triangle on top of the other. You'll see that there is an area between the triangles you are not able to see.

An LED fog light bar is simply a bar with multiple fog lights mounted on it. But, this simple design makes a huge difference. Let's take the above image of the triangles a step further. But this time with rectangles. If you place your rectangles next to each other, you can see that there will be no area that is not covered by the triangle.

When you are driving on a foggy road, you need to be able to see everything that might be ahead of you. Therefore, a fog light bar is definitely a better solution for safety over separated lamps.

There are many vehicles on the road with different sizes and height. Some are smaller, some are bigger, some are taller, and some are shorter. The next part to be discussed about is how to pick the right fog light for your vehicle.

Choosing The Right Size

For any vehicle, it is recommended to mount a fog light below the bumper. And they should be close to the road so that the light can travel further distance. Thereby it will cover a larger portion of the road. It is also advised that you should choose products that have a wide angle. That way both sides of the road can be illuminated.

LED fog lights for cars are easier to be installed. This is because most cars are closer to the surface of the road than other types of automobiles. The best time to install your lights is when it is dark. That way you are able to see how wide the beams of your lights can cover on the road. Then, you should slowly adjust the angle to make sure it covers the most area of the road as possible. And that should include both sides of the road.

Specialty Truck Lights

Most pickup trucks have a high floor because they are built for heavy duties and more for off-road driving than small cars. For this reason, installing a fog light on a truck is different from installing fog lights on a car. The type of products you use are also not the same as those you use on a car.

When buying a fog light for your truck, you should pick one that is wide in width so that you will have light beams covering more area on the road. The wider width makes up for the higher distance between the floor of your truck and the road.

A huge mistake that some truck drivers who have a grille guard and bull bars make is that they install their fog lamps on top of the grille guard or in the middle. This simply kills the purpose of this type of lights and turns them into regular head lamps. Your fog lights need to be as close to the road as possible.

Therefore, the best position to mount truck fog lights is the lower part of your grille guard or bull bars. Before you consider purchasing a grille guard or bull bars, make sure that they have a wide area at the bottom so that you can easily mount your fog light on. Always keep in mind that you want to be able to see as much of the road in front of you as possible.

Now that you know what type of fog light is best to install and how to use it properly, let's talk about when to use your LED fog light bars. Because you do not need to use them all the time. Using them all the time may put other people's lives on the road in danger.

When Should You Turn Them On?

Fog lights have a higher intensity than regular head lamps. Some drivers choose to drive with them on all the times to lighten the road much brighter than their regular head lamps. And others use them whenever they drive at night for the element of coolness. This is wrong and if you do this, you endanger the lives of other drivers by blinding them.

It is recommended to check with your local authority. In many cities, it's illegal to drive with fog lights on within a densely-populated area. Only use them when you need to and do think about other drivers on the road. Because once blinded by such bright light, the car they slam into may be yours. And remember that coolness is definitely not as important as a person's life. Putting someone in danger is not cool.

Besides saving your life and making every trip up and down the foggy roads easier, LED lights also put less stress on your car battery. They use 75 percent less power than normal lights and they also last 25 times longer on average. If you are an environmentally friendly person, LED lights are also a perfect choice because they cause so much less carbon dioxide than regular light.


Driving in fog is a dangerous condition for anyone. And it’s one of the leading causes of traffic accidents in the United States. With all of the above, from a higher ability of saving lives to a lower cost of energy, LED fog light bars are what drivers need in foggy road conditions. As of now, they are the best available option for drivers. By applying the things you have learned from this article, you should be safer on the road and so are the other drivers around you.

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