POWLAB 4D Cree 52-Inch LED Work Light Bar Review

POWLAB 4D Cree 52 Inch LED Work Light Bar

Sometimes, bigger is better. When it comes to offload lighting equipment for your truck, SUV or all-terrain vehicle, being able to see a far and wide is incredibly important. To that end, POWLAB has created a massive 52 inch 4D LED curved bar that is designed to give you the brightest beam and the widest coverage.

Along with the overall size of the bar, the curved design spreads the beam even further afield, meaning you’ll be light up an area all around you, ensuring you can see all possible obstacles coming your way.

The fact that the manufacturer has managed to make such a large and powerful unit at a lower than expected price point means that everyone can afford to light up the road ahead.

Specifically designed for a huge range of off-road vehicles, this unit is perfect for the adventurer who wants a lighting solution that is as tough as their truck, SUV or ATV.

The POWLAB bar is packed with features that ensure you’ll get great performance as well as a product that will stand up to the tough conditions you’ll throw at it.

Product Features & Specifications:

The POWLAB 4D CREE 52 inch LED bar doesn’t hold back in its aim to be the brightest beam possible. Using 100 chips from top quality manufacturer CREE, each emitting 3 watts, this bar gives you up to 30,000 lumens of brightness, which is enough to turn night into day.

The size and curved design of this unit are two of its biggest selling points. There isn’t anything subtle about this piece of equipment. It is big and powerful and is intended for people who want maximum power without paying through the nose. The bright white light emitted shines far and wide with the combination of spot (30 degrees) and flood (60 degrees) lighting pattern. This means that not only will the bar shine your beam well ahead of your vehicle, but also wide around it - creating a sea of light wherever you go.


Designed to be fitted to virtually any vehicle you can take off-road, this unit can be powered by a range of voltage sources, making it easier to connect to whatever you want to drive.

With waterproof, dustproof and shockproof certified to IP67, this popular unit can handle any conditions, whether it be driving rain or an intense dust storm in the desert. You can be confident that this model will be able to handle anything you can. High quality components and aluminum parts mean that the POWLAB bar is built to last.

  • Package Includes: 1 x Bar + Mounting Kits
  • Manufacturer: POWLAB
  • Bar Design: Curved
  • Bulb Type: CREE LED
  • Power: 300 Watts (100 x 3 Watts) - 30,000 Lumens
  • Beam Angle: Flood (60 degrees) + Spot (30 Degrees) Combination
  • Item Dimensions: 53.1 x 4.3 x 7.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 12.3 Pounds
  • Working Voltage: 10 to 30 Volts (fits 12 Volt to 24 volt vehicles)
  • Waterproof/Dustproof: Yes - IP67 Waterproof/Dustproof rating + shockproof
  • Suitable For: Off road, emergency, ATV, mining and other vehicles plus boats and other main vehicles
  • Housing: Aluminum

The overall size and design of this popular unit, combined with its flexibility mean that it is going to be a great option for a lot of people looking for off-road lighting.

4d vs reflector

Is the POWLAB 4D CREE 52-Inch a Perfect Fit?

If you’re looking for a big, powerful bar that gives you maximum lighting power for your off-road vehicle at a price that doesn’t break the bank, then look no further. The POWLAB 4D CREE 52 inch light bar is perfect for someone who wants to see everything coming at them - and also wants to let everyone around them know that they’re here. The size and design of this beast means that you will stand out and create light everywhere you go.


If you’re planning on taking your vehicle off-road - and we mean really off-road - this unit will get the job done. No matter the conditions, the quality of components and production on the POWLAB bar will ensure that the lights stay on and bright and you won’t be left in the dark. For people driving their vehicles on roads the only consideration is what is ahead of you, but for the genuine off-roader, being able to see obstacles around you is gravely important. With a massive 52 inches and a curve to ensure maximum light spread, this unit will keep you out of trouble.

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Our Final Verdict

Not everyone is going to want this much lighting! 52 inches is an enormous piece of equipment and for some the sheer size will be too much as they feel it would stand out too much on their vehicle. While it is true you certainly won’t have a “factory look” with this light bar, not all of us worry about that.

For those that are looking for a big, powerful piece of kit that shines a bright light far and wide, the POWLAB light bar is going to tick a lot of boxes. With its curved design and length, you won’t find many other similar units that can brighten up such a large area - especially at this price. If you’re someone who believes that bigger is better and you’re looking for sheer grunt, this is definitely the product for you.


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