Senlips LED Light Bar: 52-Inch Curved Design For Ultimate Brightness And Durable Quality

Heading of road or into the dark months of winter is always going to be a challenge. You spend a lot of time pitch dark conditions with no street lighting available. If you’re lucky there will be a full moon to provide a little bit of long range visibility.

But then there are also those wet, foggy or heavy snow days. When you combine that with the darkness of night, you end up with very dangerous driving conditions. In fact, they are so dangerous that limited visibility is the number one cause for accidents in America.

Whether you want to improve visibility on or off-road, there are very simple solutions to this. LED light bars can be installed to any type of vehicle and will improve your all-round visibility by a huge factor.

On this page, we will take a close look at the Senlips LED light bar in the curved 52-inch configuration. As you’ll find out this is one of the brightest options available, is easily installed and is one of the coolest looking things you can attach to your truck or jeep.

Just keep reading for overview and detailed specs to help you figure out whether this is the best choice you can make.

Quick Overview

Led Light Bar, Senlips 52

This 52 inch LED light bar is packed full of features and specs that make it an ideal solution for any serious off-roader. But also, if you live somewhere with long and dark winter months with lots of snow and fog, then you can vastly improve your visibility on urban and suburban roads as well.

Once installed you can easily switch between 60-degree flood light, which lights up the area ahead and to the sides. On dark rural roads, this is a great way to be alerted about wildlife that could be approaching the road.

The spot light focuses the beam straight ahead for when you really need to get a long-range view. Off road this can really help to avoid getting into situations where you might need to reverse out of.

The entire housing and the brackets are made from aluminum alloy. This is a very light and stiff material that will never rust or corrode. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your local weather giving it a hammering.

And to deal with even the harshest weather conditions, the entire system is IP67 water proof certified. That means it could be fully submersed in water for up to 30 minutes and not take any damage. So, if you’re constantly out in heavy rain or snow, then you don’t have to worry about it damaging your lights.

Before you decide on this model, just make sure you check the output voltage of your vehicle first. The Senlips will work perfectly fine from 10 to 30 volts, which is a very flexible range. For most cars and trucks that is not going to be a problem. But for some specialty vehicles and larger boats the voltage could be higher.

As for light output, the 96 LED bulbs provide a total of 300Watt output giving you 22,000 lumens. That is exceptionally bright, and you’ll struggle to find anything brighter without heading into the specialty industrial range.

Finally, the curved design makes this an ideal solution for mounting on your roof. The curve will follow the lines of your windscreen, making it look the part. This also spreads out the light a bit better to help you get a larger angle of view.

If you do decide this is the option for you, then just make sure you add a wiring harness to your order. It’s not included as part of the package. Getting a rough measure for the wiring distance will help you get the right one.


  • Easily switch between 60-degree flood light and 30-degree spot
  • Aluminum housing and brackets for corrosion protection
  • ​10 to 30 Volt operating range for more flexibility
  • ​22,000 lumen brightness from 300 Watt output
  • IP67 water resistant for even the toughest weather conditions


  • Wiring harness not included
  • Switch could be better quality

Product Specifications

In this section, we want to focus a little bit more on some of the stand out features. This will really help you understand what it is that you get to make sure that for your needs it will fully satisfy. Nothing is worse than having a new gadget installed only to find out that it won’t actually do what you need.


The 300w LED light bar is extremely powerful and will turn night into day for a long distance ahead. Total brightness is 22,000 lumens, which is equivalent to lighting 22,000 candles. Or, consider that a standard indoor light bulb will provide about 1,000 lumens.

The light is also perfectly focused ahead through mirrors and lenses. That way, you don’t waste any to areas where you don’t need it.

Most importantly though, the color of the light is in the pure white range with 6,000K. In fog, snow and rain this is particularly important as it reduces the amount of light that is reflected back. Anything lower, and you could actually make your visibility worse in such conditions.


It’s a full size curved 52 inch led light bar which is about the maximum you’ll be able to install on most standard vehicles. Even on larger trucks you might struggle to attach a bar that is more than 5 feet long.

Anything longer, can also start to get a bit unstable. If you do need more power, then it might be better to consider a second bar in another location. Or else get a few small lights in sets of 4 that you can add to your vehicle. It’s much more flexible and helps to give you the exact light output you need.

Adjustments And Usage

While installing it you have two main choices. Most people tend to install them on the front bumper. But if you have a bull bar attached, then space might be limited. The other option then is the roof of your vehicle.

The important thing to get right is the angle. So just head out in the dark and start making adjustments until you get it right.

But you’re not limited to using this on cars and trucks. You can also install it on boats and ATVs as long as there is enough space. And on construction or mining sites it’s ideal to be install in a stationary position to provide more safety in dark areas.


Made with aluminum alloy and shatter proof glass it will really stand up to all elements. There is no chance of rust or corrosion, even with the brackets. With many products from other manufacturers the brackets aren’t aluminum but stainless steel.

Not a bad material, but nowhere near as durable as aluminum.

What’s In The Box?

Basically, there isn’t much in the box. But it has all the main essentials that you will need to get it attached to your vehicle:

  • Senlips light bar
  • 2 Mounting brackets
  • Screws and nuts
  • Warranty and installation instructions

What isn’t included is the wiring harness and this will be a vital part of your purchase. You should definitely get one added to your cart before your check out. The important thig to consider is that the wiring needs to be long enough to suit your vehicle.

If you have a very large truck or boat, then the wiring needs to be long enough to reach into the cab and to the battery. Getting out a measuring tape beforehand will help you gauge what you need.

Information About The Manufacturer

One of the leading beliefs of Senlips is the idea that top quality LED lighting should not cost you a fortune. You should be able get perfectly great looking lights to suit your vehicle without having to go down the custom design road.

With the founding of Senlips that idea has been set in motion and the quality of their products is indeed exceptional. Car and truck enthusiasts around the USA have adopted the technology and even after years of exposure to the harshest conditions, the lights are standing up to the test.

This 52-inch option is one of their largest and brightest currently available. But you’ll also find excellent option in smaller sizes. What some people do is combine multiple models to get absolute maximum light output.

Suitable Uses For This Light Bar

The great thing about light bars in general is that they are exceptionally flexible to use. Most people will be looking to attach them to their trucks, 4x4s or even family cars. But they are suitable for so many more environments.


On larger ATVs and UTVs you should be able to find space for this large 5-inch model. Just make sure it won’t stick out on the sides, as you could easily catch it on passing branches or other machinery around.


This model is perfectly suited for attaching to pleasure and small fishing boats. You could even attach multiple devices to get a full 360-degree view around your boat. This is especially helpful when you’re navigating rivers and lakes and want to make sure you don’t end up in trouble.

Construction And Mining Sites

Any areas that are often in very low light conditions can become very unsafe to work in. Providing a bright and consistent amount of light output will make a huge difference. And the great thing is that you can attach these light bars to virtually anything.

You can construct a simple mounting frame and make it suitable to be moved around to wherever it is needed most.

Emergency And Rescue Vehicles

EMS vehicles are needed in all types of day and night conditions. Whether that is heavy rain and fog or pitch dark rural rescue situations. The one thing rescue workers will always need is as much visibility as possible.

This is for being able to find people in trouble, but also to operate rescue procedures in a safe and effective way. Having the ability to focus a powerful light beam on an area where the rescue is taking place will make a huge difference.

Installation Information

The Senlips LED light bar is not the most difficult to install on your vehicle, but there is a two-part process. The first part is relatively easy with a little bit of DIY skills. The second part requires a little bit of understanding about wiring and cabling.

Let’s start with the first part, which is attaching it to your vehicle. The best place to attach this curved type is on the roof right at the top of your windscreen. The curve is precisely there so that it will align up nicely with the shape of your vehicle.

You can install it on the front of your car if there is enough space. Ideally though it would go on a bull bar or similar support structure.

To get the attachment right you’ll need to hold it in place first. Then take multiple measurements to make sure it’s perfectly centered. Mark off where you will place the screws and bolts for the brackets and your goo do go. After that it’s just a case of drilling some holes and fixing the brackets in place.

Once the light bar is installed the next step is wiring it up. You will need a separately wiring harness. Make sure you buy one with the right length of cabling for your car or truck.

The wiring is a bit trickier, and if you’re uncertain about it then you might be better off asking a professional to do it. Once you can turn them on, all you need to do is make sure the light beam is aligning correctly and you’re good to hit the road or off-road.


That concludes the our Senlips light bar review. It is one of the brightest options you’ll possibly find. The curve and cool design along with the extremely durable aluminum materials mean that you’ll be using this for years to come.