ThunderEye 18-Inch LED Light Bar Review

ThunderEye18 Inch LED Light Bar

The ThunderEye 18 Inch bar is just the ticket for those seeking awesome brightness and durability at a reasonable price. Its low profile makes it sit neatly on any car rooftop. At around 1" in height, the 18” model is thin. This makes it a discreet addition to your vehicle.

At first glance, the ThunderEye 18 Inch LED bar looks like a solid 360-degree lighting system. It’s an affordable unit for its output — in spite of being modest in size. Aside from being portable, an additional benefit comes with its construction. The sleek, low-profile design offers modest fuel savings and aerodynamic advantages.

It casts a bright beam all around, making it visible from all directions. The brightness penetrates heavy rain or snow. Whether it’s a blistering snowstorm or a clear day, it will be distinguishable from afar.

Curious about the specifics? Here are the top features of this unit:

Product Features & Specifications:

The ThunderEye 18” is equipped with 5th generation TIR LED lighting. The bar itself has ten modules. Each with four 3W LED lights per head, making up a total of 40 lights circling the unit.

  • 10 modules of 5th generation TIR LED lighting with four 3W lights per head (40 in total)
  • Aerodynamic, sleek design that provides fuel savings
  • 15 different flash patterns
  • 12-foot cord
  • 12V cigarette lighter plug
  • 100% waterproof
  • Built in flasher
  • 5-year warranty
  • Weight: 12.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 3 inches

As you can see - this unit really packs a punch!

These 40 lights have 15 different flash patterns you can choose from. Just press the button on the cord to switch between the various modes. Adding to this, it also comes with an internal flasher. And it has an internal memory to remember the last pattern you used.

As for installation, the ThunderEye 18” comes with a 12-foot cord and a 12V-input. Plug it into the cigarette lighter socket, and you're done.


The cord has an ON/OFF-switch as well as a button for changing lighting patterns. The controller comes with a real-time display which removes the guesswork. You can see what pattern is currently activated without leaving your vehicle, which is a big plus.

A slight negative, however, is the back-lighting. Or more specifically, the lack of it. This makes it difficult to see when it's dark out. And, the controller is rather clunky. Not a huge deal, but 1 or 2 users said they didn’t like it. In spite of that, however, it's clear that this is a bar delivers. Efficiently. It has a low amperage draw at 6.5 A. In combination with its small, aerodynamic design; the bar is quite energy efficient.

With the housing being one inch thick, it’s one of the thinnest units on the market. But you have to add close to an extra inch for the mount.

The installation is straightforward. It comes with strong magnets which simplify the process. Just attach it on top of the vehicle and you’re done. This is a big plus as it removes the need for any drilling.

The magnets are coated, which means there’s no risk of scratching the surface of your vehicle. That being said, the coating leaves room for improvement. It's rather sparse, and could potentially wear off over time.

On the plus-side, however, you'll notice they have a strong grip. Consequently, there’s shouldn't be a need to worry that the bar will slip off the vehicle even during high speeds. To read more reviews on LED light bars, that can handle high speed, jump back to our homepage. These bars are super secure if installed properly.

And if it should slip, there’s no need for concern. The ThunderEye 18” comes with a 5-year hassle-free warranty. The lights are all serviceable, and you can replace them should one stop working. Or switch the color of individual modules.

That’s good, obviously. But it appears the modules can be rather clunky to replace. It’s not a huge deal, but it can be a hassle. Though if you need help, it comes with customer support. 

And not only that -- lifetime customer support. This is helpful, should you need any assistance installing or troubleshooting the product.


Speaking of protection, all the LED modules are epoxy coated. This makes it safe to use in any weather condition. In essence, it protects you from problems with water infiltration and foggy LED bars. Both which can be incredibly frustrating.

Overall, its tight-fitting aluminum casing gives it a sturdy feel. (Unlike some plastic competitors on the market.) And this unit is indeed a versatile product.

Is the ThunderEye 18-Inch a Perfect Fit?

Built for use in various settings, the ThunderEye 18” suits a wide range of users.

That being said, the ThunderEye is at the more modest end of the price range. This makes it suitable for the private sector and small business owners.

Basically, those who might not have the resources as, say, official emergency services. But that’s not to say it’s not a professional unit. Because it is.

Even if you're often driving in rural areas or heavy vegetation, you can feel secure. This mount will withstand running into minor branches. Which makes it useful for non-emergency workers as well, such as landscapers.

Another clear-cut case is for those spending time in severe weather. Especially during night time. Since this puppy can hack the weather, you could use it in a blizzard (yes, it's visible). If you run a plowing business, the ThunderEye makes for a quality choice.


  • Durable aluminum casing and firm mount make it useful in most conditions
  • Can be used in professional as well as private settings as it suits both
  • Clear visibility during day- as well as night time making it versatile

This professional bar brings reliable brightness and safety to you and your crew. But to make sure if it suits your purposes or not, it can be useful to see a breakdown of its pros and cons.

Our Final Verdict

In summary, this is a superb light bar that you get for the price. It has an aerodynamic and fuel saving design which people love. It has excellent power ensuring you're getting the best beam possible. If you are looking for a functional, yet powerful, lighting solution you can feel confident in this buy.

Save money on fuel and spend it on great lighting.