WoneNice 52-Inch 300W LED Light Bar Review

WoneNice 52 Inch 300W LED Light Bar

The WoneNice 52 Inch 300W LED bar is an excellent choice for illumination at an incredibly affordable price. It utilizes LED lights which provide bright white lighting that’s more natural than traditional bulbs. LEDs also use less power with improved performance and the combination of durability and efficiency have become the standard for best quality.

The WoneNice LED is powered by 300 watts and is a combination floodlight and spotlight. With a waterproof rating of IP67, the beam is touted as waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. With a temperature of 6000K, it will be white and clear for maximum visibility, not yellow like traditional bulbs.

Housed in a diecast aluminum casing, the brackets are also made from durable and high-quality aluminum. The lens is made from toughened glass which is shatter resistant and combined with the crisp, clear LEDs offers maximum clarity. The aluminum helps heat dissipation and boasts up to 30,000 hours of lifespan.

Available at an affordable price, the WoneNice 52 inch bar is sure to meet your lighting expectations!

Keep reading for a detailed list of the WoneNice bar’s features and specifications.

Product Features & Specifications:

The WoneNice 52 inch LED packs a lot of punch with its 300 watts to give you incredible lighting. The bar has a 60-degree flood beam pattern and 30-degree spot beam with three available settings depending on your particular desires. The first setting is for floodlights, allowing you a wide berth of lighting for ultimate coverage. The second spotlight setting lets you concentrate in a particular area for maximum visual acuity. And finally, the third configuration is a combination of both flood and spotlights which combine the widest angle and longest distance for the most coverage possible.


The aluminum housing comes in a sleek and stylish black with dual rows of LED lights to add the dash of cool you’re searching for. The aluminum casing assists in heat dissipation with the already super-efficient LED products and provides you with over 30,000 hours of lifespan. This model has a temperature of 6000K mean these lights are truly white, never yellow. With an output of 300 watts and 30,000 lumens, rest assured that the WoneNice bar shines, and it shines brightly. Given a waterproof rating of IP67, the bar is waterproof, shockproof, and 100% dustproof.

Used during rain, snow, or perfect weather conditions, it will guide your way. The lens material is made with toughened glass for maximum clarity, superb illuminating function, and ultimate scratch resistance. The heavy-duty brackets are corrosion resistant and anti-rust as well as the hardware to ensure durability and stability.

Its operating voltage is 10 to 30V DC, so this tool is compatible with almost all types of vehicles. Listed below are the WoneNice bar’s cool features:

  • Size dimension: 52 inches
  • LED power: 300 watts
  • Waterproof rate: IP67
  • Operating voltage: 10-30V
  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • Lumen: 30,000LM
  • Lifespan: Over 30,000 hours
  • Housing Material: Diecast aluminum housing
  • Lens Material: Toughened glass
  • Mounting brackets: Aluminum

With features like these, you can use the WoneNice 52 inch 300W LED bar for many areas and purposes. Read on for more of its practical application!

It the WoneNice 52-Inch 300W a Perfect Fit?

One of the best ways to use a 52 inch LED bar is to adorn your vehicle. Put it on the bumper, behind your grille, or over the cab to add that cool aggressive look to take your vehicle aesthetics to the next level. Catch the double-takes of passersby and be the envy of car and truck enthusiasts!


It’s also perfect for any off-road vehicle including trucks, SUVs, UTEs, 4x4s, ATV’s and any other type of vehicle or equipment you would be using at night. Not only does it look totally awesome, but it also increases safety for everyone around!

With this LED bar, you could be prepared for any situation from emergencies to impromptu social gatherings. Imagine you’re tailgating with a great group of people and it begins to get dark. No one is ready to leave yet but they can’t see. Come to their rescue and provide the lighting with your excellent LED bar. Everyone will be glad you did!

Light on light off comparison

Beyond outdoor activities, the WoneNice 52 inch bar is also fit for indoor use, as a backup, on trailers, as exterior lighting, for construction aid, as a garden light, as a boat lamp, or for a workspace.

With so many practical uses for this high-quality affordable bar, what else do you need to know? Read on for the pros and cons to help you really decide if this product is for you.

Our Final Verdict

The WoneNice 52 inch 300W LED bar is an excellent choice for a large bar. It has great reviews from other buyers that are overwhelmingly positive for its class. It’s not the brightest thing on the market with a dual row of lights, but remember that too bright can actually strain eyes and cause fatigue which does not maximize safety.

If you live in a rain heavy area, it’s recommended to reseal these with an inexpensive waterproof marine sealant to ensure there is no condensation build up on the inside of the toughened glass lens based off other reviews. Many buyers don’t have any problems but some do, most likely dependent on environmental conditions.

One thing to note is that this product does not come with a wiring harness or relay switch, only standard aluminum mounting brackets. Make sure to look into wiring harnesses, relay switches, and brackets for your particular car.

Overall, the WoneNice 52 inch LED offers excellent value at the lower end of big bars. It’s affordable and well worth your time if you can’t or don’t want to get lighting from one of the big names that can cost many times what this is selling for. At the least, it will most definitely improve the performance and looks of your vehicle.