Xprite 44 LED Light Bar Review

Xprite 44 LED Light Bar

There are thousands of  bars on the market.

Sometimes it's difficult to know what range to aim for. Bars range from $20 for basic systems to thousands of dollars for high-end solutions.

And then there are those in between.

Chances are if you’re reading this review you belong to the third category. You’re looking for a mid-priced solution that meets your everyday needs - Then you're in the right place.

This bar comes from the American brand Xprite USA and is one of its rooftop lights solutions. It’s priced closer to the low end of the spectrum. But that doesn’t mean it’s nothing less of a professional product.

We found after testing dozens of units - this is one of our favorites. It delivers a bright beam sure to meet the needs of anyone looking for a solid, basic product.

At first glance, the Xprite 44 LED bar is a compact strobe light. It’s housed in a tight, waterproof plastic casing that gives it a sturdy feel. The sleek design ensures it doesn’t stand out - so you can attach it to your car without altering its appearance much. The unit measures 17" (wide) x 9" (deep) x 3.25" (height). This makes it a lightweight and mobile unit. It attaches with a magnetized bottom place that makes it stick to any metal surface.

Due to its dimensions and weight, this unit is easily attached and moved between vehicles.

Which brings us to installation.

Product Features & Specifications:

The Xprite 44 LED bar is definitely designed for DIY installation. Plug the 10 feet cord it into your 12V cigarette lighter. Then place the magnetized bottom on any exterior metal. Done.


The cord is straight, and not curled, which is something many would prefer. And while 10 feet should meet most purposes, it would be nice with a couple more feet. There’s no drilling or extra attachment procedures required, which is a major plus.

  • Bold LED reflectors
  • Lifespan: 30,000 hours
  • 7 different flash patterns
  • Visibility up to ½ a mile
  • Last pattern recall
  • 10 feet straight cord
  • 12V cigarette lighter plug
  • Magnetic bottom for attaching to any metal surface
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17" (wide) x 9" (deep) x 3.25" (height)

The magnets themselves appear quite strong. Encased in a coating, they prevent any scratching on the surface of the vehicle. Even though the coating appears quite thin.

Regardless, our testing shows that these magnets deliver when it comes to mounting. In essence: You can travel at high speeds without worrying about losing the unit on the highway.

Side-on shot

As for lighting, this unit won’t make you disappointed either. The Xprite LED reflectors offer bold blocks of light. These can be easily spotted in tough, dark weather as well as bright daylight.


The unit has two buttons for ON/OFF, and a switch. This switch allows you to interchange between 7 lighting patterns. While 7 patterns are good for many, it could leave others wishing for more variation.

The patterns range from flashing modes to less intense patterns too, static lighting.

Here's a summary:

  • Mode 1: Alternates between left and right side
  • Mode 2: Alternates between front-left panels and rear-right panels
  • Mode 3: Counter clockwise flash
  • Mode 4: Clockwise flash
  • Mode 5: Strobes all lights 5 times followed by alternating between left and right
  • Mode 6: Flashes all LEDs simultaneously
  • Mode 7: All LEDs turn on

The panel itself contains 44 LED bulbs, which is implied in the name. This means that it creates a visible, bright flash that can be seen from up to ½ a mile’s distance.

The lights circle the panel, making for a 360-degree light emission.

And in addition to this, each bulb has a 50,000-hour lifespan. Which means you could technically run it 24/7 for 2,083 days in a row before you’d need to exchange one of the bulbs.

That’s a pretty heavy usage. Which is always nice to see in a product like this, as it further adds to the quality impression of this panel.

The Xprite 44 LED bar comes in 12 different color variations. Some are color combinations, such as amber-red or red-blue. Others are uni-colored bulbs, such as solid white or blue.

Keep in mind that various lights do send different psychological signals. Such as red or blue, is often associated with law enforcement. Amber is often used, as it is the most permissive warning light color in the United States.

And remember to cater to particular regulations. Check with your local DMV to ensure your meet the specific regulations of your state.

Regardless of what color you choose, our testing shows that the Xprite 44 LED has a strong visibility. It is a beam that should be visible during most conditions and various use-cases. If your looking to read more reviews on high-powered LED bars, you can visit our homepage to see which one will suit your needs. Which leads us to examine where this unit is best utilized. 

Is the Xprite 44 a Perfect Fit?

Due to its color variations, bright output, and durable build, the Xprite 44 LED is versatile.

The night-output is exceptionally strong. This makes it a good fit for those who need to a clear, visible signal on their vehicle during the late hours.


Examples of this include people involved in rural mail delivery or plowing. Being waterproof, you can use it during heavy blizzards or other demanding conditions. It could even be suitable for more emergency services, such as volunteer firefighters. The strong magnetic grip would ensure that the unit sits firmly even at high speeds according to our judgments.


  • Powerful light make it useful in day- as well as night time
  • Waterproof casing make it suitable for harsh weather conditions
  • Could be used for emergency services due to its versatile lighting and powerful grip

In summary, the Xprite 44 LED bar is adaptable to most conditions. It’s a good option, with a beam that can be seen for up to ½ a mile. Let’s take a look at a summary.


Our Final Verdict

This bar is has everything. Waterproof, lightweight, easy to set-up and overall this product is a quality build for the money. If this sounds like what you're looking for, no need to wait. The Xprite 44 LED will bring you your money's worth — and more.