ZHOL Amber LED Light Bar Review

ZHOL Amber LED Light Bar

Don’t feel like spending hundreds of dollars on a panel?

Not everyone does. Depending on your requirements, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on your unit There are plenty of options out there for those with more modest needs, and the ZHOL Amber LED bar is one of those. Granted, it won’t measure up to the quality of bars that are five times as expensive — but that would be expecting a lot.

In spite of this, this unit is a quality product. And it might be just what you’re looking for.

The ZHOL Amber LED bar is a small sized panel. Packed with 240 LED lights. All squeezed together in a panel no bigger than: 11.75" (wide) x 6.2" (deep) x 2.8" (height). It only weighs 2.8 pounds, making it extremely lightweight.

The small size of this panel makes it stealthy. You could easily add it to your vehicle without making a significant impact on its overall appearance. And once you want to switch on the module, simply press the button attached to the cord and you’re good to go.

This mini unit is one of the more affordable and portable panels on the market. And for the price, it’s a great piece. Let’s examine the specifics.

Product Features & Specifications:

Manufactured by ZHOL, this amber panel casts a good glow in spite of being modest size and price. It contains the latest ultra-bright LED chipset technology, all enclosed in a plastic casing.

Still, the housing is 100% waterproof. So if needed, you could use the ZHOL Amber LED bar in more demanding weather conditions.

  • Strobe light unit
  • 240 LED lights
  • Plastic casing
  • 7 different flash patterns
  • 7-foot cord
  • 12V cigarette lighter plug
  • Magnetic bottom for attachment to any exterior metal
  • Lifespan: 30000 hours
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.75" (wide) x 6.2" (deep) x 2.8" (height)

The ZHOL Amber LED Light Bar is designed for quick do-it-yourself installation. The panel comes with magnets to the top for easy mounting. Even though this is an affordable lightbar, the magnets are solid and give the impression of firmly securing this module on any car rooftop.


The power source, you plug it into a 12V cigarette lighter and you’re done. But here’s a downside: The included power cord isn’t very long. Only about 7 feet long. And that might not be enough for many users out there. And while it might be a drawback, it’s also a very easy fix.

You could add an extension cord for under $10, and you’d still only arrive at around a third of the total price of competing units. All in all — it’s not a huge drawback when you factor in price.

Once you’ve got it plugged in, the cord supplies power to 240 LED lights. The bulbs themselves are not as good as what you’d find in a $200 module, but they still manage to produce a solid output.

The unit contains multiple modes. Using a single button, you can switch between 7 modes:

  • Mode 1: Counter-clockwise altering flashes
  • Mode 2: Clockwise altering flashes
  • Mode 3: Left-right panel altering flashes followed by fully lit panel
  • Mode 4: Full panel flashes in sequences
  • Mode 5: Stable light
  • Mode 6: Left-right panel altering flashes
  • Mode 7: Back-front panel altering flashes

Each LED bar has an impressive lifespan of 30,000 hours. That means you could have them running for almost 3.5 years — consistently — before they break. Though keep in mind that this is a theoretical lifespan, and not all lights will last for this long. Some will last shorter, and some longer.

That makes it a good option for anyone looking for a quality product, at a fair price.

Because frankly, there are definitely units on the market that will outperform the ZHOL Amber. But that also means you have to pay two to three times the price for these LED bars. Due to its lightweight and small size, it is highly portable.


 That means you could easily transfer this between cars. And at this price, you really can’t beat it — it has multiple use-cases.

Is the ZHOL Amber a Perfect Fit?

In this LED light bar review, we highlight that it's crucial you analyse your requirements. There might be those who need a very advanced model. The type with hundreds of yards of visibility and high variability regarding lighting patterns. But if you don’t have the need for an advanced unit, and can happily use a decent, functional product — this one checks all the boxes.

Even though the brightness output isn’t the best out there, you’re sure to get noticed. Since it weighs nearly nothing, you can easily store this in your car. And whether or not you use it in your work, it’s a splendid warning light. Simply pop it on top of your car in case of an accident, and you’ll alert other drivers in no time.

Worth mentioning here, however, is that the plastic casing is not as heavy duty as some other units. This will serve most uses, but it is worth pointing out it won’t take severe abuse.


  • Store it in the car for emergency use as it takes very little room and is highly portable
  • Use it is any weather condition since it’s 100% waterproof — best output at night
  • Avoid using in environments where the casing is easily damaged, such as by branches

So what do you think? — yay or nay?

Our Final Verdict

Well, there are many good things about the ZHOL Amber. But it also has its drawbacks. What’s important to remember in this case, is that the bar competes in a certain price range. You can definitely find units that outperform this one. But as mentioned above, then you would have to double or triple what you have to pay.

In that regard, the ZHOL Amber could be a great way of saving money. Because if you don’t have the need for the best on the market, you could easily save a few hundred dollars on this and still get a solid product. Maybe that money could be better used elsewhere?

To make it easier to get an overview, here are the pros and cons:

If you’ve decided that this is the way to go for you, congratulations. You’ve made a good choice, and you’ll get a sturdy product that will get the job done.